Monday, April 24, 2017

filled with the Holy Spirit in order to speak boldly/the wind blows where it wills...

Our two newest granddaughters are becoming aware of each other with the times they have together.  They are living just 3 miles apart and usually get together most every day.  Last night we shared a meal at the farm with the invite to include meeting the new pigs that had arrived a few hours before/the fair pigs.  The two girls were on the floor and it was precious when 6 month old Evangeline noticed her 3 week old cousin laying next to her.  A sure reminder of the closeness they will share in their lifetimes with each other, and joining them is their cousin, Josephine, who is 5 months older than Evie.  I am so excited to get them together for the first time when our Little Sister Hallel comes  home for her first home visit in 4 years on May 3rd!
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This delightful memory came up today from 4 years ago of the 3 babies at the time of Hallel's visit in April of 2013.  Rose in the middle will be 5 on May 1st and the others are just a few months behind her.  Two years later we had 3 grandsons, who are between 3 and 2 1/2, and now we have had 3 new granddaughters in the last year!  The best!!!! 

I am sitting in Ruth's quiet house watching cow TV... Ruth was out watching gates and now she is in town picking up David, who is sick.  We are struggling with foot/hand disease in both houses, and with David having his first Communion this weekend, we are hoping that in this week he has time to recover.  It is hard to watch the little ones sick...
Grandpa getting some baby time... how he loves to hold those little ones in his big arms. and little Joy was wide awake and checking out her grandpa Pat.  She will have lots of time with him over the years for sure. 
5 year old Rose with her new baby sister...  she is very attentive to her needs.  When the pigs arrived Ruth was out meeting them..."David brought Joy out to me and told me that she had been crying, and that he had changed her diaper for me." reported Ruth.  How must it be to have 5 older siblings and having them care for you as well as your mom?  They will certainly know and love their new sister!

Lots about The Holy Spirit today in the two readings!  Before entering The Catholic Church, my parents were baptized in the Holy Spirit, and prayed over me and my sisters... I had a new awakening of LOVE for my Lord, and spoke in tongues.  I also attended Charismatic prayer groups with my parents.  When we moved to Minneapolis the summer after I graduated HS in Flint, MI... we found a prayer group at a convent in Wayzata/Charismatic nuns!  The Holy Spirit then led our entire family... all 13 into The Church!  here is the entire amazing story-
New LIFE is a gift and sharing such life-filled family time is the Best!

As a new Catholic at my confirmation with my parents and the older kids after me - like about 5 of the 11 kids old enough - we found ourselves at a huge adult confirmation in The Cathedral in St Paul!  The first time in that glorious building filled with new Catholics walking forward to be prayed over to receive The Holy Spirit!  The Catholic Church has it all right and together and it's wisdom is never questioned by me!  I love love love The Church and follow all that is The Truth in dogma and teachings.  All of it!!!  I know there are struggles and factions pulling this way and that, so I have added a decade on my daily rosary - the 3rd luminous - The Proclamation of the Kingdom - to pray for my beloved Church from Pope Francis to Archbishops and priest shortage and all the needs of The Church!  Lord, hear my prayer and may your Church be ever filled with your LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT!
Little Joy is now 3 1/2 weeks old and it was fun to have her awake and looking at us intently last night.  Our love is expanded by her/our 15th grandchild!  Pat and I driving home last night marveled at how our cup runneth over with our family sharing Faith on the farm!
Mary and Therese showing grandpa Pat and Patrick their pigs - 6 of them that the 3 older ones will show at the fair.  Simon is old enough to take a State Fair project this year, so maybe pigs?

The Gospel for today is a quote that has become very familiar in my family about the Holy Spirit, and is the thought behind our wonderful cabin on Lake Michigan which is called Crosswinds.  My maiden name was Cross, so that with the added blowing of the Holy Spirit in our lives...
"You must be born from above.  The wind blows where it wills, and you cannot hear the sound it makes, but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes; so it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit."  John 3:8
I find this hard to grapple with but am starting to see that The Holy Spirit is not something we can pin down or truly put in a bottle and understand.  As we discovered with John's brain cancer 8 years ago... Jesus is in control and we are not!  The Holy Spirit blows where it wills and we are to die to self and be the hands and feet of Christ!
Rose and Luke like to spend time with the pigs... today when I was there Rose was brushing a pig, that really seemed to like it, and Luke was checking out their feed.
Lots of fun times with animals on the farm!

Lord, Your Spirit of LIFE and Truth shows me the Way I should always speak boldly the Word of God!  Each day your Church reads the Gospel throughout the world from a tiny church in Africa or rural Minnesota to St Peters in Rome!  Jesus you come to us in your Word and Sacrament!  We are filled with so much each day of our journey in The Church!  We walk with your Saints and they intercede for us... St Fidelis of Sigmaringen, pray for us on this your feast day.  Mary, our Mother of heaven and earth... how she gives me so much each day as we share The rosary prayer throughout my day.  Today running errands the beads were my companion and the joy wells up in my heart, mind and soul!  The time with husband, farm daughter, grandkids all happy to now be living on the farm... it is right!  Your Way is mysterious and we listen to your promptings... Come Holy Spirit and show us the narrow path we are to take until we arrive in heaven forever with YOU.  Jesus , we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
The girls hanging out together in the midst of Family time on the farm!  I think it is obvious why grandma takes too many pictures when there are so many special moments to record.  I use these to share my heart filled with thanksgiving and JOY at all the wonderful ways we are touched and blessed by Jesus alive and well in our lives/Holy Spirit at work!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
Chickens are starting to lay green eggs again!  One for breakfast today and two went into our rhubarb cake yesterday!  One tulip on my table from the garden.
Lilacs on my Easter tree in the house.  Happy Easter!
Rose finds a pig that likes to be brushed - the freckles on his butt makes him a blue butt pig.... a random fact of pigs...
 The two Davids on the tractor together.  So special for Maria's 5 to have this time on the farm!  Both of the Davids will be having their first Communion here in Marshall within a week of each other!  We are super excited to share in this landmark beginning of their journey with Christ in His Body and Blood!
One more of Rose and her baby sister!  LOVE!
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Divine Mercy Sunday and each day after!
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Casting Crowns - If we are the Body

“Draw near to our Lord,
thoroughly aware of your own nothingness,
and you may hope all things
from His Goodness and Mercy.
Never forget
that Jesus Christ is no less generous
in the Blessed Sacrament
than He was during His mortal life on earth.

St Mary Euphrasia Pelletier
France ~ 1796-1868
Her "three inseparable devotions":
Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Eucharist, Mary
Foundress ~ Sisters of the Good Shepherd
By time of death:  established 110 convents in 35 countries
Motto: "One person is of more value than a world." 
FEAST DAY - April 24
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