Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Flooded by memories and filled with Joy at newness of life. The path to heaven is infinite/everlasting LIFE!

She is growing more and more interactive and alert with each new day!  In her jumper with her bunny friend!  She is so much ahead of her newborn cousin, Joy, yet they are both just starting on their journey of LIFE!  Losing Pat's mom a few months ago, who was so involved in our lives, brings to mind the neverending journey we are all on as we strive to be forever in Heaven with Jesus, Mary and all the Saints!  When we pray together in the morning, Pat's prayer has not changed for his mother..."for my mother, bring her to you, O Lord"... and we realize that as Catholics we continue to pray for our dead as they journey through purgatory and on to heaven with the help of the prayers of our loved ones!
After school Maria and I headed over to Ruth's with her school kids and Maria's 5... we all sat out in the back yard and watched the kids go between the sand box and the trampoline, while big Dave made a fire in the fire pit.  Therese and Mary were in the grove making a fort, and the moms and grandma sat in the sun with the babies. 

 Looking at my wonderful lilac bushes that have now become Ruth's budding in the early spring warmth... I was flooded with memories of bringing Pat's mom out to see Ruth's remodel on one of her good days.  She was always wanting to do it all, and see it all, and be where the action was.  In early May the lilacs were in full bloom and she sat by them in the sun and enjoyed Rose (4), and Luke (2).
 The climbing tree was there with our kids and now our grandkids...
Rose a year ago in the climbing tree...

Rose with 5 month old cousin, Evangeline, last night just before dad picked her up to take her in for Kindergarten round up at Holy Redeemer.  She will be 5 in a few weeks and is more than ready to go to Kindergarten next year!  The grass is greening up, but the buds and blossoms have a long way to go in the next month.  The men are talking about getting in the field to start planting next week!  Spring is rushing in upon us!
Enjoying a beautiful day!
Making the fire used for making hot dogs for supper!
 What else? Ice cream cones in the sunshine!
Even 4 day old Joy had her first time in the stroller and joined in the time outside, but her and Evangeline did not join in on the ice cream cones yet! 
Starting her adventures with the family on day 4... all around her is her siblings and cousins sharing time together, grandpa coming to get Romeo to feed the cows with him buckled in the tractor seat beside him, the 2 Davids making the fire to cook their supper on, many on the trampoline and in the sand box... away from the TV and phones!
 Pondering her wonderful life ahead, by taking it one day at a time and embracing it with great JOY!  Each day we are blessed with all we need to overflowing.  How?  Jesus tells us directly today that "If you remain in my word, you will truly be my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."  Each day we are given so much through Jesus in The Word and Sacraments, the Saints and Mary his Mother and our Spiritual Mother of God!
Our 3 granddaughters in a year are all here safe and sound!!  The fruit of our daughters being open to life and trusting in the Lord, and then being very serious to raise them as LIGHTS!  Each one represents to many prayers from the moment we knew they were in the womb, and those prayers continue each day of their journey! 
All eyes!!!

Jesus, spring brings us so much new life, and this year not only the now 130 new calves, but our sweet new granddaughter, Joy!  Ruth was just sharing that with Joy she anticipated that spring would come with her, and we sat out by the budding lilac bushes and the greening grass and watched the kids sharing good times in the warm sunshine, and heard that soon the men would start digging and planting the fields along with Ruth and I, with the help of Maria, plant our gardens together!  Spring has come with Joy!  The Lord our God is always there for us and we are encouraged by the first reading from Daniel 3...  Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego saved from the firey furnace!  May we turn away from false gods and worship only you, O Lord!  Jesus, we trust in you. Amen
"Been farming long?"  Heading to the sand box with the equipment in hand. "There was so much sand that we left the side by the field off, and it goes right into the field.  Cool... maybe the boys can help the men with their digging.  I know they will want to ride along with Uncle/dad Paul in the big quad track and the digger this spring!  6 boys all wanting to ride could get to be a juggling act!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
A big day of calving yesterday with 5 calves born.  Lord, continue to be with our cows and calves.
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Since giving God a Community of LOVE talk at a retreat.. I am much more aware of The Trinity when I make the sign of the Cross and remembering when I made that sign with water over my newborn grandson, Patrick, 4 1/2 years ago and brought him into The Church!  The sign of the Cross takes on so much power and meaning remembering that we are being reminded of that Baptism every time we cross ourselves!
St Vincent Ferrer is our Saint for this day!  We are all called to become saints! 
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Lord, help me with this!
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Keep our eyes on heaven!  My 7 losses keep my eyes on heaven and pray for me to get there someday!  I must need a lot of prayers, or rather I know that I need a lot of prayers.  How I will rejoice to meet Christopher, Thomas, Joseph, Paul, William, Robert, and Mary.  It has helped me to name all my angels in heaven, and pray for them also! 
Casting Crowns - Glorious Day
Newsboys - God's not dead
We Believe - Newsboys

So true!!  This includes more siblings and not the stuff the world tells parents they need to give their kids!  The lies of Satan that the two kid family is important so that the world doesn't have too many people and so that you "can give your kids all the things that you never had."  All lies and not the Truth where we are called to be open to LIFE and raise them as LIGHTS! 

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