Sunday, April 16, 2017

Go do the Gospel, and "my first life was for myself, and my second one is for you Jesus."

Captain Joseph got 48 hours of family time supreme here in Kansas City... he flew in on Friday night after our services for Good Friday with the Community, and we shared Easter mass this morning with them and had a wonderful feast outside afterwards complete with some family pictures!  My Easter present is having these beautiful pictures to hold close to my heart. 
All minus Ruth and Paul and their family gathered for family time so amazing to reach the highest heavens!  A Easter service with The Community is 2 hours long, and filled with wonderful song!  Little Brother Christoph preached and shared a story at the end about a man, who was looking for meaning in worldly passions, and found emptiness.  He took off on a motorcycle at top speed and was heading on a collision with a truck, put down his head knowing that he was going to die.  The last minute the truck moved, and he was spared... he fell to his knees and said "my first life was for myself, and my second one is for you, Jesus."  How this rang a bell in me as the underlying lesson from John's talk before and after cancer, too. 
There will be family pictures on the farm when she comes home for her home visit in May, but Joseph will not be able to be a part of that.  This was necessary to include Joseph... so I didn't get too many complaints.  This is all I want for Easter, and it will be cherished for years to come.  It has been 7 years since Joseph and Hallel have seen each other.  Such a great gift is our family time!
Nancy's family at The Little Monastery before our Easter mass with Hallel!
Enjoying wonderful pictures from Nancy's camera.
Wonderful times with our Little Sisters and Brothers.

Can you tell that I am having too much fun with pictures after such amazing times with family?  Yes!
Bubbles from Bill's mom were a hit!
Dad comes for a couple days away from the farm to see his daughter, Hallel, for the first time in 2 years.  We sat out in the patio in front of the monastery.  Such a special hour to catch up - she was thrilled to hear that she had met the niece of our HS principal at Rome.  It is such a small world when she is listening to the Holy Spirit directing her.  Many stories of her running into friends at WYD, and Rome!
Sharing mass as a family this morning!  Such a gift... Family time is a the Best!
Pat's large farmer hand holding up the LIGHT of Christ which has brought LIFE into the world!
Jesus, may I always carry you in all I do and say and breath and speak and write and work and play and go do the Gospel!  Bless-bless, Barb

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