Sunday, April 9, 2017

Holy week begins/Joy's first mass/faith with family a close second/Palm Sunday- Hosanna!

Maria and her family living with us for these many months while Joseph is in training, has brought us many family evenings sharing meals and kid time.  80 degrees led to pizza and campfire evening with smores over the fire, and... joy of joys... a chance to get our two youngest granddaughters in the matching sleepers that have been hanging on my bedpost for some weeks as we awaited and prayed for Ruth and her sweet little Joy Jean!  The wonderful lighting on this beautiful evening beckoned us to brings the girls out and put them on a blanket on the greening grass, and with arms intertwined as if they know that they are starting on this big adventure called LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT arm in arm with their wonderful future all ahead of them!  Always put Jesus first and look to Him and all of life will fall into place... facing the good and the hard with Faith!
Their first time on the trampoline with no one else jumping.  That it saying something for little 8 day old Joy.  It was pretty sweet to see her daddy holding her through her first mass this morning.  And at one point the word "joyful" was part of our mass, and he looked to the others as Joy's name is going to be heard often - even in her first mass outside the womb!  Little precious lambs - Joy 8 days and Evangeline 5months! 
Evangeline is starting to be able to sit up by herself for  short amounts of time... her mom has her arm here as she holds her new cousin.
Life is a gift!!!
Joy's siblings were part of the procession at the beginning of mass ... "Hosanna in the highest!"  It is such a great thing that every Sunday we worship as a family, and how comfortable and involved they are in mass!  Sharing our Faith with JOY is how we pass our Faith along to our children.  Pat has always been huge on worshiping as a family and bringing our babies to church at just days old.
Taking up the entire front row today was Ruth and Paul's family including little 9 day old Joy!  Last Sunday Ruth was still in the hospital, and they brought her Eucharist.  Many congratulations from our family of Faith.  Those that have known our family and watched Ruth from the moment her dad carried her into Church for the first time - "like a sack of potatoes"- as Fr Shotzko put it.  Now beaming with delight as she brings her sweet baby girl to the church of her childhood/baptism by her grandpa Cross, her first Communion and every Sunday after, her confirmation, and her marriage, and baptism of her 5 children,  and on the 30th of this month her David will receive his First Communion, and shortly after her baby Joy will be baptized!  Huge day of celebration combined with Rose's 5th birthday the following day!  We thought that maybe Hallel could be here, but she will be coming the following week.  So much on the horizon for us!
After grandpa came back from being a Eucharistic minister - giving out the Blood of Christ - Paul handed him his sweet newest granddaughter to fill his arms - Joy slept peacefully in her grandpa Pat's big arms as many have before her!
Hugs/Hosannas/Palm branches/lilac branch Easter tree needs to be brought in today!  Holy week has begun with Palm Sunday today and the sharing of the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ!  How powerful to look ahead and see 11 of our 15 grandchildren sharing our Faith with JOY... literally now we are sharing mass with Joy, but more than that we are excited to be there receiving Jesus in The Word and His Body and Blood!  Both of our Davids will be joining Therese, Simon and Mary in receiving Communion each Sunday and weekly at school!  Hallel said that she will miss Big Dave's first Communion, but will be here for his second... in order to do that we will have to go to mass at school on the Thursday after she gets here, and with her desire for daily mass that seems to be a good idea and fake plan for us.  How wonderful if she could go and share with some of their classes about her listening to his call and how that is such a beautiful option!   Yes!!!  Today we brought home the chalice and prayer for vocations in our home for this week! 
As we sat by the campfire last night - the familiar sight of the sunset behind the farm and the silouettes of the grove pre leaves making such a beautiful sight... the kids agreed!  Ruth uses the fire pit we have had for all our years there... now there fire pit!  Ruth certainly uses her outside space a lot, and the new porch on their house will be wonderful for them!  Hopefully soon, but it is so nostalgic to walk out the same patio door and onto the same porch and out to the same firepit by the climbing tree that they climbed in as kids and now their kids use... living the life she had and embracing it with LOVE is a wonderful thing to have now with a new generation!
Smores by a roaring fire, watching the sun go down and the beautiful moon come out, scary stories, and games led to a late night, yet we still all made it to 8a mass together.  Lots of meat in the oven for Sunday dinner soon, and then the 4H share the fun, and John and Mary have play practice for Little Mermaid that will be the summer play.  Life is an adventure for sure!  Holy Week is here and we have plans to spend Good Friday, the Vigil and Easter Sunday with Nancy's family , Little Sister Hallel and The Community of the Lamb!  What JOY!!!!!
Therese loves those babies!

Jesus, there is so much Joy inside of me... the blessings are overflowing all around me!  How I praise you and thank you and take your Cross and embrace it with all that I have... through your Cross we find LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT!  Jesus, I am yours and I belong to you and long to be forever in heaven with you.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barb
Peaking so sweetly at the world beside her older and wiser cousin.  Could these two sweet innocent little girls ever be called "the criminals?"  Stay tuned...


Jesus has a plan for each of my grandchildren and they will look to Him to show them their personal path of Faith/Family/Farm

Danielle Rose - Pursue me
Holy now - Peter Mayer

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