Thursday, April 6, 2017

"I Am" your all!!!! With unconditional LOVE and Mercy from Jesus to us!

Two years ago in a tent on sheet washing day... grandpa joins in the tea party with Nancy's 3... now 2 years later we have welcomed little Josephine to add to the bunch on May 10th she will be one!  I just called Maria, who is in town, to see if she can find a tea set as I just made a tent on the clothes line in the sunny day... washing the bedding just seems to lead to a tent on the clothesline for the kids!
Grandpas are welcome but the farm dogs are making themselves part of it all, too!
A perfect way to LOVE spring!

The final Word from Christ today in the Gospel in John 8 where he leaves no doubt for us... "I AM"  Fill in the blank with any thing and all that makes up our lives, existence, journey down the narrow path carrying/dragging our Most Cherished Cross, our domestic church/family, our every moment of every day... Jesus is our ALL!!!  He showers us with unconditional LOVE and forgiveness and Mercy and gives us so much help for the Way... His amazing glorious Mother of Heaven and Earth, those Saints that have gone before us and are there to intercede and model for us how we are called to die to self so that His Holy Spirit can use our hands and feet to do his work and our mouths to share his Truth and bring us into LIFE eternal!
Sharing a tea party... it looks like grandma better get busy and bake some cupcakes or cookies for to go with the sugary and milky tea.  Notice my cow milk pitcher...

I checked with Ruth about how she and newborn little Joy are doing... things are going well, and Maria stopped in to take the kids in to school in the big black "bus."  (the 11 seater van Ruth and Paul now have for their family and it helps to get many of us places.  There is talk of Maria's 6, John and I taking it down to KC for Easter a week from tomorrow!)   
It is so fun to have little 5 month old, Evangeline, here living with us while her dad is in training in the army. She is changing by the day and is loving and comfortable with her Uncle Johnny, grandma and most of all her beloved grandpa Pat!
Such a familiar face as she looks so much like her mom and aunts before her and, of course, her big sister, Therese!

It is so important and good to have a home/domestic Church/family that is filled with LIGHT/LOVE/LIFE/Christ with his Bride, The Church!  It allows us to find a small slice of heaven here on earth and we are blessed if only we will share our Faith with JOY!  We are forever blessed by sharing our Faith as a  family... united in I AM!
the tent pre kids... they have arrived so we need to work on our tea party!

Jesus, we only want You to be our all in all.  May we return to those around us the unconditional love and mercy we have been given by you.  We long to be forever with you in heaven with Mary, and the Saints and Angels!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barb
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