Sunday, April 2, 2017

"I got the JOY, JOY, JOY, JOY down in my house!" Big sister Mary on the way to see her new baby sister.

So special to see her dressed in pink when we went back to see her yesterday afternoon.  She will be coming home today with mom, who has noticed that she prefers to be in someone's arms and not in her bed.  There will be many arms to hold her!
this is one lucky little girl... to have her whole life ahead of her living on the farm surrounded by such a loving lively happy family.  I am reminded of Paul's words to Saint John Paul II just two days after their wedding in Rome as they knelt before him to have their marriage blessed by him..."Please, bless us with a happy healthy family."  How he continues to bless them with an ongoing answer to this prayer as he watches over Ruth and Joy and now they are both safe and glowing with health and happiness/joy at the life they will share as mother and daughter, and father and daughter, and sister to 5!
We had just come from mass and sharing rolls in the church basement.   Paul and the 5 pitched in with helping with the cleanup and got some rolls for mom and Eucharist to share with her.  A family picture had to be taken as they were all dressed up for Sunday!  Ruth is now home with her baby, hopefully resting, while dad helps get homework done before Super Sunday tonight with a Christian rock band.  The day to day life of a family filled with love for one more!
We have had some family days supreme with the joy and celebration all around our gatherings of welcoming new little Joy Jean into our family!  Pat was saying that our words on the barn for the last year says it all!  "Family time is the Best!"
Our Jacuzzi in our new bathroom got christened by the kids in swim suits and too much soap!  All 10 got a really good bath eventually after some homemade pizza and fun making a fort in the grove.
Joy seems to be comfortable and relaxed with her biggest brother, Simon!
 Balloons too!?!?
Running around the circle is always good to let off steam for the 6 boys, and one of the girls here and there.
It was pretty sweet to see Paul wearing the tie from Nancy's wedding to honor her on this her birthday!  Happy Birthday, Nancy Anna, we love you so much!  So excited to think that you will be spending some time with your sister, the nun, Little Sister Hallel!
Mary and her class made these blankets for the hospital, and was happy to find the one she had made for her very own baby sister!  Mary realizes that she is such a lucky girl to have another baby sister to grow her love in her family.  She is probably the only girl in her class who has a baby sister to go with her baby blanket!
Grandpa Pat, shows Mary and Therese the tabernacle as he gets out Jesus/Body/Eucharist for Mary and her family to take to her mom.  Is there anything better for a family than for them to share Jesus?  No, not to the highest heavens!
Every time her siblings come to visit... they push her down the halls and give her a "joy ride!"  She seems to love to be on the move and to be held by her loving family!
The girls - Mary will be 11 in a couple weeks, than Rose will be 5 on May 1, and Joy 2 days old.  Paul says that the girls come in the spring and the boys summer/fall.  And as Simon says they have a pattern... boy, girl, boy, girl, boy, girl. 
Luke's first experience of being a big brother!  Such lucky kids to have many siblings - nothing is better or more important in our lives!  Having brothers and sisters can not compare to stuff or things or new this or that, or vacations, or toys big or small!  Someone started to say to Pat about how could they afford having 6 kids!  "It all has to do with priorities.  You don't have to have the flashy new car every few years or the big vacation or the boat.  Nothing can compare to family!" 
Such a work of art and a sign to the world of the beauty of being open to family and raising LIGHTS!  I walked into church with a woman I have known as she grew up along side my kids.  "I just love to see families big and beautiful like that.  It makes me so happy and it is so good to see.  I am divorced and I haven't been able to see my 14 year old son for an entire year!"  I was so very sad for her, and prayed for her through mass.  So hoping that as the first petition Paul read during mass could be answered..."That the LIGHT and LIFE which enters the world can pierce the darkness."  Looking at this happy healthy family is such a beacon in the darkness of he attack of Satan on the family!
Each child is a gift and reminds us of what is the most important job we are given to protect and cherish all LIFE from conception to natural death!  Welcome JOY Jean... a new light has entered the world!
 The baby whisperer... Pat loves to sleep with the babies, and has a way of getting them to share his dreams!
He is so in love with having little 5 month old, Evangeline Mary, here sharing our big wonderful home just 3 miles from the farm!  She is loving her grandpa Pat, too!  Today at mass we ended up in the front row, and grandpa turned her facing the front and she was enraptured by the music!  It was so touching to see her taking it all in and being so much a part of the mass at her tender age.  I refrained from snapping a lot of pictures... you have to take my verbal picture of it all.

The raising of Lazarus is such a powerful Gospel!  To see Simon and Mary standing on either side of father holding the candles as he shared Christ through The Word was also a special time for me!  Jesus, how I am once again so filled with Faith and Family and Farm...such a beautiful combination for our growing family!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen
Doing the stations of the Cross on Friday night - Romeo holding the crucifix that my Crafty Nancy made for me years ago!  Today she is 35 years old today!  She is such an amazing mother/wife/daughter/sister/teacher/accomplished blogger/and wonderful Catholic woman who shares her Faith in her family and with all around her and throughout the world!  We love you, Nancy Anna, have a wonderful day and 35th year ahead!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke/mom
The 12th Station- Jesus dies on the cross...
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Baby Nancy with her dad when she was about 1.  She does look a lot like our Evangeline!  It is also the anniversary of the death of my hero, St John Paul II, here is something to read if you like.
Danielle Rose - The Saint that is just me
Eric Clapton - Holy Mother

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