Saturday, April 1, 2017

"Joy is going to hear her name a lot at mass." Therese on the way back from visiting her cousin for the first time

Such a masterpiece, work of art is this!  How we have longed for this day when we could meet our newest little member/grandchild #15/ Simon says; "The pattern works!" 
Therese finished her blanket/the cross-stitch Lanoue family that she made from the pattern to the stitching, picked out the fabric, and then sewed the blanket complete with pink cow pattern.  Picture prefect family!  On the way home from the hospital this morning where Maria and her 5 visited Ruth and Little Joy and presented her with her special blanket made with a lot of love, prayers and thoughts!
5 months apart... Evangeline meeting her sweet new friend/cousin, Joy!  Yes, they will grow up together, and share that with older cousin, Josephine!  Therese has big plans on helping grandma pick out matching outfits for the big moment when they are all together!
 With over 100 pictures already.. I might not say much today, but put picture after picture. 

Oldest brother, Simon, was very sweet with her and his new glasses are nice, too!  There are 12 1/2years between them, so they will have about 6 years together. 
 We have a new sister, and she is so special!!!
 Holding Dave's finger...
Dave is s baby lover!

We got a dose of modern day thought of... I need to take care of me, and not overdo it with the kids and the family while we were gathered in Ruth's room this morning.   I was told that 15 grandkids are just a crazy lot, when her one granddaughter keeps her running.  I was told that I should "change the locks on my doors" so that I wouldn't have a house full of family and constant filling up and emptying again.  What?  I love to have my house full of family, and yes I do like my new found peace and quiet as  I am now put out to pasture.  Ruth was told that she should take more time in the hospital so that she doesn't have to go home and face the other 5 for another day longer.  It was a bit disheartening, but knowing that my daughters and I all look at family the same... it gave us smiles in the presence of such banter that kind of shook it's head at our openness to LIFE and raising them as LIGHTS!
 Therese is a super baby lover!
 Patrick and Romeo pondering new life!
 Our two youngest granddaughters are 5 months apart... in a few years that will disappear as nothing separates them!
Both were a bit fussy at this point.  It was the first time I heard our new little girlie cry!  Yes, she has a healthy one!

On the way home from seeing Joy this morning, Therese pointed out that baby Joy will hear her name often at mass..."joyful and joy are used a lot at mass.  How about rejoice? "  Yes, just as Simon (most especially during the Stations), Mary, of course, David, Rose again, Luke and now JOY hear their names throughout mass on a regular basis.  Such a special gift to them, and always amazes me at how much they are paying attention to what is being said, read, and prayed during mass.  It shows me that sharing our Faith with JOY as a family instills in them a love and respect for our beliefs and Faith in The Catholic Church!
Never too often can we be blessed with new wonderful little grandchildren.  Yes, each meal is a production feeding 10 today... but I wouldn't change a thing and when I have my alone time... it sure is peaceful and wonderful., too.  Without the crazy times, the peaceful times would not be near as peaceful!
Grandparents supreme!  Humbly we pray for each of our grandchildren with each new day!
A work of art - Joy Jean Lanoue!

Jesus, thank you for showing us the True way to happiness  by embracing our Most Cherished Cross and finding LOVE/LIFE/LIGHT!  JOY fills us with great happiness! Jesus, we trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barb
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