Saturday, April 29, 2017

"of the kindness of the Lord the earth is full..." Psalm 33

I have fond memories of my babies with baby chicks over 30 years ago!  Nancy is my spring baby born on April 2nd and I recall having her propped up on the circle with baby chicks running across her leg... so to see my Evangeline and an adorable baby chick filled me with so many emotions! 
Rather than to prop up little Joy, Therese sat in holding her and showing her the new baby chick while the boys zoomed around the shop on their bikes.  So very precious! 

I find that there is much filling me and my thoughts this day... knowing that Hallel and The Community including the Little Brothers and Sisters are putting on a play this afternoon along with a great celebration on the occasion of The Little Brothers having their money raised to start building their Little Monastery in June!  Of course, I would love to be there, but...  We are in the midst of great anticipation and preparation for our huge family celebration tomorrow of both David's first Communion and Joy's Baptism at the same mass!   So thrilling and glorious!  My constant prayers and thoughts are also with the farmers as the spring gets later and later with talk of snow tomorrow and Monday!  Those seeds in the ground are cold and wet and a worry for those farmers that have some planted - our men have yet to start...
In the LIGHT and raised as LIGHTS!

A taste of how special this time will be for our family... two Sacraments for David and Joy sharing their day and magnifying the beauty by combining them in the same mass!  What a celebration and reminder that we are filled with such gratitude that we are able to share our Faith as a family!  Faith/Family/Farm is the foundation of our life!
Unable to make this last year... what JOY to make it now.  The farm now a home to a young and growing family!  So right!

  Last year Lent and Easter were crazy and kind of missed due to the remodel and move/switching places so that the young family could live on the farm and we moved 3 miles away into their large beautiful home.  Yes, it even could be a bit bigger than our large farm house, but we fill it up with family regularly, and we love that!  Next Wednesday it will be filled to capacity with Nancy and her family here as well as our Little Sister Hallel!  She will come home to the farm for her first home visit in 4 years, and that is filling my thoughts this day, too!  These words from the psalm today express well all the many places I find myself in this world called Faith/Family/Farm this day..."of the kindness of the Lord the earth is full.  Lord, let your mercy be on us, as we place our trust in you."
The newspaper was clean, but in short order they start messing on it...

We continue on with John 6 today with the stormy sea and the disciples rowing miles and looking up and seeing Jesus walking on the water towards them... they are terrified and we expect them to have him enter the boat, but not here... instead they are suddenly on the shore.... arrived with Jesus!  "It is I.  Do not be afraid."  And suddenly they have arrived at their destination!  Yes, I admit that waves of anxiety and worry overtake me with all that lies ahead for me.  This huge family time becomes craziness with all of us (25) together and yearning to have good quality time with our Susan!  The meals are huge and labor intensive... you end one and start planning for the next and there are constant dishes and clean up and yes, the dishwasher runs continuously along with the sink full.  This morning I found myself praying for the peace to be here with us, and also lifted up in prayer the petition that mass and adoration would be part of each day as our Hallel needs to be close to her spouse in this way.  How I love the chance to share that with her!  I need not be afraid and the destination lies ahead if only I give the control to Jesus!
I predict that little Joy will love chickens and raise them in her lifetime with her mom, Ruth, showing her how.  I see in Rose and David the comfort and enjoyment they have in caring for chickens and remind them that their mom had a pet chicken when she was about Rose's age whom she named Chicklet.  Yes, she did!

Lord, Jesus, this day has also been filled with a special sharing with one of Pat's sisters, who shared with us a special time she had at a Shrine of St Joseph in Arizona.  The floodgates were opened to share with her how powerful The Stations and The Holy Family are to us on this journey of Faith/Family/Farm!  Maria found such power and strength in the outside Stations at the Poor Clare Monastery in her discernment of her call to religious life.  Discerning that she was not called to be a nun... she came home and built stations in our grove (now Ruth and Paul's grove on the farm).  Thank you for an opportunity to share all that fills us with more than we can hold in our hearts each day of this journey thanks to your amazing wonderful True Church!  Jesus, we trust in your kindness which fills the earth.  Bless the farmers with good growing weather, give David, Joy and Rose (her 5th birthday) a wonderful family celebration tomorrow, and bring peace and joy to our huge family time this week!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
I will admit, too , that a lot of my yearning/anxiety is that I will be able to capture our family together without too much difficulty.  That family picture is so desired and important to me as we will all be together minus only Captain Joseph, who will definitely be added!  We now have 2 new granddaughters since our last family picture taken at Labor Day weekend in KC, so they need to appear in our official memories... pictures of course!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
Pat looked at this on the wall today... "What a mob!"  with great happiness in his voice.  "There are two more now to add you know.  And do you realize that the Saint for today... St Catherine of Siena was 24th of 25 children... these would have been how her siblings looked all together!"  What a family she had!
Image result for saint catherine of siena pictures with quotes
She is a doctor in The Church!
Image result for saint catherine of siena pictures with quotes
We are all called to be Saints
Danielle Rose - The Saint that is just me
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She wrote Dialogue - a conversation between a soul and God...
Image result for saint catherine of siena pictures with quotes
This speaks to me!  As we have small slices of heaven on this journey as we share our Faith with JOY in our family on the farm!

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