Wednesday, April 12, 2017

"Spy Wednesday" Preparing for our Easter in KC/picture perfection on our minds and hearts!

I couldn't resist snapping some pictures of Maria's 3 oldest in their Easter clothes!  A combination of the two grandmas based around the beautiful navy blue lace dress Oma bought for Therese... having navy blue in mind led to some nice shirts for the boys... Romeo was off riding in the tractor with grandpa and had to try his on later.  I am in a bit of a frenzy... wanting everything to be picture perfect along with perfect on all levels. 

Time to time reality strikes and I know that with so many of us, and the long services with The Community... as beautiful and wonderful as they are there will be melt downs and lots of little ones to keep in tow not to mention that the Community does not sleep the night of the Vigil leading up to Easter morning.  There is always that feeling of how hard it must be for them to put on a happy and lively face for all the Easter festivities.  They claim that they are given supernatural "rest" to be full of JOY for the Easter masses and pot luck community meal afterwards.  I have a feeling that Pat and I will get up during the night and get in some of the specialness of the overnight vigil!
Modeling for grandma... love it!

All the details of what we need to take with us... with requests from both Nancy and Hallel for meat from the farm, and also for canning food we made for our 6 families.  Also grandma shopping for Easter clothes and matching onesies for the 3 little girls as well as rompers in pink.  So much preparations for everything to be as close to "picture perfect" as we can possibly try to get it.  Yes, my motivation has something to do with pictures most of the time!  I see that the bug has bit especially Ruth with her dressing her kids for family pictures... She invests the time and money on the picture which will result in her mind.
This picture came to mind of baby Luke's baptism day and it hangs on Ruth's wall now.  Soon there will be one with Joy as the focus of their love after her Baptism on the same day of David's first Communion on April 30th!  I predict that they will all be color coordinated without a doubt!
A work of art in Kansas City two years ago.  They will stay behind on the farm for Easter this year and see Hallel when she comes home for her home visit May4-8. 
Nancy's family 2 years ago was also a beautiful sight to behold!  Now they have added Josephine Frances, who will be one on May 10th! 
Hallel's blue is a wonderful addition and accent to our family!  And I did dress my two little girls alike eventually!  Something about little girls that makes me yearn to see them dressed alike... I am a nut case!
But with sweetness like this as the result... It is obvious that I am hopelessly hooked by the wonderful keepsake results!

Wednesday of Holy week is upon us, and our big trip is planned to begin tomorrow morning.  Today is called "spy Wednesday" as it is the day that Judas betrayed Jesus to the Sanhedrin for 30 pieces of silver.  Because his actions were sneaky... it brought up the idea of a "spy."
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Caravaggio's taking of Christ
Can't get enough!  The boys have some long pants to wear, too.  "Joe will decide if they wear short or long pants to mass."

I can see that in the midst of all that makes up these last days leading up to Easter Sunday with all the travel, and hopes, and dreams, and worshiping together here and there to fit in the Triduum... Pat here til Saturday with John, Ruth and Paul and family will stay home and celebrate with Paul's family... David is very excited to get his feet washed at Holy Thursday service in Marshall as a first communicant this year he can finally get his feet washed!, while I am in KC with Maria and Nancy and their families, Joe flying in from Virginia to see his family for the first time in 3 months and Hallel in years, seeing our Hallel for the first time in 2 years, and yes, getting to Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and the Vigil along with mass on Easter Sunday with The Community of the Lamb in Lumen Christi/Light of Christ Monastery followed by a Community Feast, as Maria drives Joseph back to airport to fly back to Virginia, and Pat and I travel back home to the farm on Sunday night so that he can be here to put the crop in on Monday morning... meanwhile Maria, her 5 kids and John travel back on Monday, and we all await Nancy and Bill coming with Hallel and their family for her first home visit to the farm in 4 years!  Crazy?  Yes, crazy amazing with all the ups and downs that come with our family celebrating Easter on this year that will go down in our record books with many pictures to hold it ever close to our hearts, minds and souls!

Do we like Judas think that we can be sneaky in trying to keep our faults from Jesus?  We had better think again about that... he sees us and he knows everything about us.  Lay it all at his feet in the confessional... he knows our deepest darkest sins and secrets as they are in broad daylight to him.

Jesus. we are sinful and sorrowful for our sins which hurt you and our relationship with you.  Jesus, may we die to self so that you may live in us.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barb
Next time... Kansas City!
Too crazy with the big move last year to get this done... it was so fun to do this year!  LIFE is an amazing adventure!
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So familiar with our amazing Community of the Lamb!

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