Saturday, April 15, 2017

The King sleeps... deep silence within as we await, but around us lots of family LIFE!

Hallel meeting her niece, Evangeline Mary, for the first time.  After an amazing 3 hours of songful reflection of the Body of Jesus lovingly anointed and placed in the tomb, and half an hour of adoration in silence to complete the powerful amazing monastic service with The Little Sisters and Brothers and a packed Lumen Christi Monastery/Light of Christ... Adoration ended and Hallel came out and picked up little 5 month old Evangeline from her mother's arms and carried her out into the warm Kansas City night.  So much like her mom... Evangeline was very happy and comfortable in her Aunt Susan's arms/Little Sister Hallel's arms!  Maria could not get over how good she had been through the long wonderful service and mass and Adoration.  But Hallel did hear her make a few of her high pitched "screaming eagle" sounds and detected that she was there.  During Adoration Maria laid her on her stomach and she was happy kicking and looking at grandma with big smiles for most of the time.
Meet your wonderful Family of the Lamb, who will be always in your life to pray for you and share this wonderful possibility of a life with you little Evie!
Adoring Jesus with mom.  I couldn't stop giggling when she would look back, catch my eye and smile at me and coo lovingly!  She loved her time there alone with her mom, next we went to the airport to pick up her dad.  He had not seen the kids for 3 months, and now they are spending some time as a family with Hallel at Lumen Christi!  Family time is truly the best, and when Joseph has not seen his kids for that long, and Hallel for 6 years!
Grandpa and John arrived in the wee hours of the morning, and soon his arms are filled with the baby girls!  This is what makes grandpa tick... open to LIFE and raising LIGHTS!
Uncle Johnny with his Goddaughter, Josephine Frances!  He even went to hold her at a soccer game her big brother, Gus, had this morning.  Yes, we await the Jesus with deep silence in our hearts... Pat would like to get up in the middle of the night and spend some time with Hallel and The Community in the Easter Vigil that goes through the night!  The triduum is totally "reflected upon" by them in so many deep and amazing ways.  Attending the burial for 3 hours last night - totally in song with Nancy, Bill, Maria and Evangeline... they had a baby sitter watching 9 kids with Therese to give her help.  So powerful!!!! 
Snuggling with her loving Godfather.
Grandpa surrounded by many, and has a huge smile on his face with his arms full after the soccer game and before Maria and Joe and family go to see Hallel!  We are so comfortable in Nancy and Bill's wonderful home.  Two years ago we were staying in a hotel, so this is wonderful special family time.  It sounds like Hallel will be able to come over to visit and have a meal with Nancy and her family about half an hour from The Monastery!  "She asked to do that." 

The 4 year olds adoring each other's siblings... too cute!

Lord, we are filled with joy at the time we have with our family.  To see the little ones enjoying each other without fights, and to see Maria's family united for some days together after their long separation.  Knowing that Joseph and Hallel are sharing family time after 6 years!  Looking forward to sharing The Vigil and Easter JOY!  We await our LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT which comes with the dawn!  Jesus, we adore you and long for you to come more and more into our lives.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barb
A sight that I have had in my heart ever since I heard she was coming home!  Now the fake plans are REAL! 
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