Monday, April 3, 2017

"The Lord will provide." my parents motto welcoming 11 children carried forth for generations!

After some comments about Ruth and Paul's 6... I am reminded of something I heard from my parents over the years and witnessed first hand... "The Lord will provide."  Growing up the oldest of 11 and my dad serving the Lord as a Protestant minister and later as a Deacon in the Catholic Church... my mother was wise and thrifty with shopping and cooking our meals, and amazed at the wonderful 9 bedroom home we were blessed with when we all 13 moved from Michigan to Minneapolis.  "When you look to the Lord to provide... He is very generous."  How powerful and life-giving were those lessons we learned in our family provided for by a generous and loving God!  We were so enriched by all our siblings to share our journey with, and never went without!

Our family in the glorious red flocked dining room in our home just blocks from Lake of the Isles in Minneapolis... our parish after our conversion - all 13 of us was the glorious Basilica of St Mary!  As a new Catholic talk about seeing God all around me there.  Daily mass of witnessing Jesus coming to me in Body, Blood and the Word!

There is so much today in the readings from mass!  The guilty and the innocent are equally loved and cared for in their times of distress!  If we humbly trust in Him as Susanna did, as she was falsely accused of adultery by evil men... we will find justice even if only in heaven forever with Jesus, Mary and the Saints and Angels.  For Susanna it was justice and saving her from being put to death.  Thanks young man of God, Daniel!  Such a great wonderful reading... Daniel 13

Pat's family also welcomed 10 children and trusted in the Lord providing for their needs.  Pat felt loved and always provided for, and it is so fun to see that his mother matched her kids, too!   I am sure that she sewed all of the clothes, too!  I have to say that I did that for my 5 time to time, but that would only be half as many as she had to sew! 
It is so wonderful and special to see the openness to life carried forth and along with that is the Truth that the Lord will provide for our needs as we trust in Him!  It was something that Pat shared with conviction to someone, who said that he couldn't understand how Ruth and Paul could afford 6 children..."It all depends upon your priorities!  You don't need the new flashy car or pickup every other year, or the big expensive vacation, or perfect home or boat or toys.  Siblings are more valuable by far!"  Yes!!!!

The Gospel today is the woman found guilty in the very act of adultery.  Reading some reflections on it... maybe Jesus was writing some of the sins of the men that came and asked if they should stone her.  So that when he finally spoke to their question and said; "Let the one among you who is without sin be the first to throw the first stone at her."  Convicted they all went away without punishing her according to the law!  "Woman, where are they?  Has no one condemned you?"  "No one, sir."  "Neither do I condemn you.  Go, and from now on do not sin any more."  John 8
How true, that when we humbly leave the confessional after being forgiven/healed that we long to leave and sin no more!
Bubble sink for our little sweet 5 month old Evangeline today.  Having fun with baby shampoo and her long thick hair in the front!

Thank you, Jesus, for so much wonderful Truth all around me from generations we witness how you  love us and provide for our every need and answer all our prayers in times of need like John and Patrick!
We are so overwhelmed by all that you do for us as we long to love and serve you in one another!  All the love and mercy we receive may we return to those closest to us in our domestic Church/family!  Jesus, we trust in you!  The Lord will provide!  Amen
Relax and trust is a motto to live by as Jesus provides for our needs!  How I love to have Our Lady with us as we pray to her throughout our day.  A special moment today in the calving barn saying a "Hail Mary" together with the men!  Yes, she brings comfort to us in our times of need, and brings our petitions to her Son, Jesus!
 I had to snap a few of the cute calves in the fog while I was over there.  Ruth predicted that there would be 120 calves born by time she had Joy, and it happened on the day she came home from the hospital, so 120+ calves welcomed them home!
 A cute pair...
 Love it when they eat hay for the first time... super adorable!
#100 is quite interested in the camera and photogenic.
Super cute with the help of her sister!
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I love this sharing by Paul today
"In honor of World Autism Awareness Day, I ask that today you take a moment to reflect on how to be kind and patient with those who are different than you. As many know, Simon is on the Autism Spectrum. Like all of us he has his challenges and has been blessed with gifts. I don't know many kids who take inventing, robotics, math, historical documentaries and science this serious! He's got a tender heart of gold. When dealing with him (as well as all kids), treat with care. We are proud of the young man that he's growing to be."
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Laura Daigle - Trust in you.
Third day - Trust in Jesus

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  1. Congratulations to all of you, most especially to Paul and Ruth and the wonderful big brothers and sisters, so full of "Joy" as they welcome a beautiful new life into a world where she will have the love and support of an incredible big family to show her the way on her path through life. God Bless ALL of you! Steve and Marty...Simply Beautiful!