Thursday, May 4, 2017

"a lamb... he proclaimed Jesus to him." Overjoyed at this deep amazing Family time!

These two have always been close... so I had to capture their reunion after 2 years apart by an ocean.  Sweet Simon is the oldest nephew and he and Hallel have birthdays just 2 days apart.  It was fun to hear Simon tell her about his being on the math team, and Hallel got to watch his solo from the spring concert recently...  Hallel is enjoying her time over with the farm family on the farm on this glorious day.
Wonderful mass with Sisters Mary of the Morning Star and our special cousin, Fr Craig!Out to the playhouse and tree house made by Ruth after breakfast.  "Remember your sister made these while she had 5 kids!"  She amazes us!
Fun to see Hallel spending some time with the kids after school... now a campfire for supper with the 24 of us.   It was another amazing day and the weather made it so fabulous!

The first reading today was one of my favorites of Philip and the eunuch... sitting in mass with Hallel and reading the readings with her at breakfast this morning... the Lamb came through to me loud and clear!  Why?  Our Hallel belongs to The Community of the Lamb!  The eunuch was reading in Isaiah about the lamb and what he did for us to help us come down the narrow path and enter heaven forever with Jesus and Mary.  How I can relate to the eunuch... with his Faith set on fire and entering The Church sharing his faith with great JOY!
An armful of icies for all!!!  Gather around!  Jesus, thank you for the sharing of the primo of family time!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barb Solanus Casey to become Blessed Solanus Casey!!!!  He was huge in John's healing!

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