Tuesday, May 2, 2017

"All my perception of beauty, both in majesty and simplicity, is founded upon our Lady." J.R.R. Tolkien

Processing in for their combined first Communion and Baptism on Sunday!  This day will go down in our family history as a very big and special day when 8 1/2 year old David and his one month old sister shared 2 Sacraments in the same mass on the 3rd Sunday of Easter.  The next day, May 1st, was their sister, Rose's 5th birthday, so she joined them in the big family celebration!
A cake for each...
So important in your life will be your coming to the Table and receiving Jesus in His Body and Blood... today in the Gospel as we continue in John 6..."Sir, give us this bread always."  "I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me will never hunger, and whoever believes in me will never thirst."  John 6:35
John helping his new Goddaughter, Joy Jean, hold up her cake.  He will be there to help her along her journey and share his love for Jesus and His Bride, The Church, with her.

John just gifted me with a beautiful necklace with a gold medal of Mary... "I love you mom, and we both love Our Spiritual Mother."  It is the month of May.. the month we devote to Mary!  There was a fabulous editorial in The Magnificat, that I had to read to Pat this morning!  I was thrilled to discover that others find the deep peace and joy and beauty that we yearn for in this world - a small slice of heaven in our domestic Church/family if only we do as Jesus asked us from the Cross to bring his Mother Mary into our homes!  J.R.R.Tolkien's words speak volumes to me of my Truth with my wonderful Mother of Heaven and Earth every day of my journey!  "All my perception of beauty, both in majesty and simplicity, is founded upon our Lady."  With her always with me in life... I do see the beauty all around me in all the new life and times of prayer and all that makes up my days!
Now she's 5!  She made a snowman yesterday... a little unusual for May Day!

Another great mind turning our minds and hearts and souls to Mary... Dostoyevsky would sit for hours silently in front of an image of the Madonna "in order not to despair of humanity."  As our Mother at the side of her Son as the Queen of heaven and earth... we find comfort and can see the good and beauty and be healed and cared for in our needs for motherly love and caring!
Ruth's beautiful light filled home, also filled with wonderful family!  We will awake in the morning to a FULL house!  Nancy and Bill will arrive after midnight with their family and with our nun, Little Sister Hallel!  The 24 of us, only missing our Captain Joseph, will have the next 5 days of close family time!  Thank goodness the snow and cold is gone and we are having bright sun to melt the remaining snow!
Newly baptized and smelling wonderfully of the chrism!
Just back from grandma time watching the littles while their moms went out to help move some cows and calves.  Evie likes to reach out and hold her baby cousin, Joy's hand!  Joy still smells beautifully of the chrism of her Baptism! 
Their moms heading out to the pasture on the 4 wheeler.  I think they kind of like a chance to help out on the farm time to time, and grandma would like to watch the kids. 
Therese gets some farm time too!
Romeo getting acquainted with Joy today.
Closer is always good...
Luke holding Romeo's hand and reminding him that they might be too young to pick up his new baby sister.  Life is a gift to be protected and cherished no matter the cost!  Mary showed us this truth very powerfully and completely with her "yes."  She brought LIFE into the world and LIGHT to chase away the darkness of sin and death!
Therese loves babies and they respond to her with peaceful smiles and loving looks..."who is this beautiful girl, who loves me and cares for me so sweetly and wonderfully? She reminds me of our Lady in how loving and kind and caring and sweet and wonderful she is to me in every way."  This seems to be their thoughts...

Jesus, we are forever filled with so much love for your wonderful mother of heaven and earth. You ask us to bring her into our home and there we find he beauty in this world reflected from her as she is like a window allowing the Son to come and shine of us!  Jesus, we trust in  you.  Amen and Hallelujah
The three sisters... "My girls are in the spring... Rose is May 1st and was 5 yesterday, Mary was 11 on April 19th and Joy was born on March 30, 2017."  They will be so blessed to have sisters to grow up with.  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
Evangeline in the dress that Pat's mom sewed for Ruth 37 years ago... 4 daughters, and now 8 granddaughters have worn it for their Baptism.  3 new granddaughters in the last 10 months!
Josephine wore it in August for her Baptism... it was a special way of having Pat's mom with us in her wonderful dress made with love.  We all marvel that it is such a soft white and pretty dress after all these years and all those that have worn it! 
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This is the Bread of LIFE!
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