Monday, May 8, 2017

"Athirst is my soul" Finding deep sacrifice/"I lay it down on my own."John 10

Sitting in Nancy's home in KC awash with sadness as we have just said farewell to our daughter, Little Sister Hallel, after an ending which is unfortunately familiar.  The flu struck our nun last night along with one of the granddaughters.  Able to take care of my sick daughter brought this mom some feelings of filling a need and able to care for her as mom's love to do.  It filled a deep place for me, and we allowed her to sit in the front seat and rest as we traveled the 7 hours to drop her off at Lumen Christi/Light of Christ Monastery in the heart of Kansas City, Kansas.
Yes, we support our Hallel and her call to be a spouse of Christ...The words of Christ from the Gospel today "I lay it down on my own" ring loud and clear today as we once again encounter the sacrifice we make in not having her in our day to day lives, yet knowing of her prayers for us.  Our brief discussion on the way today concerning the motto of The Community of the Lamb "Wounded, I will not cease to love."  Hallel reminded me that we needed to discern the call in order to become a lay member of the Lamb or family of the Lamb.  You don't just add it to good things to do in your life, you embrace it as a vocation."  Food for thought.
A song blessing send off.  Exhausted we are all ready to fall into bed and then it is early to the airport with Maria in the morning along with her 5 to see their dad in Virginia.  Our full and loud house will be very quiet when I get back to Marshall.

Lord, keep the bugs away, be with Maria on her travels tomorrow, guardian angels watch out for all of us.  May we give without counting the cost, and return the mercy we have been shown.  Bless-bless, Barb

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