Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Family gathering on the farm! St James and Philip feast day/two of my brothers by their names

It is true!!!  All of the granddaughters are together for the first time in their lives and it was a sweet sight to behold for this old grandma.  Bill and Nancy arrived around midnight with their 4 little ones and our nun daughter, Little Sister Hallel!  We have been gathered over at Ruth's with 2 meals shared and visiting and watching the little ones roll around and crawl while the others seem to be having their fun together.  We have had some good visiting and Susan has gotten to see the farmhouse she grew up in now remodeled and filled with Ruth's family!  Little Joy got to meet two of her Aunts for the first time!
All pink and sweet and loving and beautiful!  I have many ideas for these 3 including matching outfits just for fun and giggles and oohs and AAhs!  Grandma/family time on the farm heaven! 
There was some groaning when I asked for Hallel to sit with the 3 babies for this picture, but then I noticed that one and all had their phones and cameras out snapping away.  The babies were super sweet together and were spoiling grandma really good!
Hallel charmed her old mom by playing the same piano she had played in early grade school and the same book that now Simon, Mary and David play!  It was worth something to make the girls play for 3 years each!  Love!
The 3 baby girls hanging out together... each 5 months apart... Josephine is  a year on May 10th, Evangeline was 6 months on May 1, and Joy Jean was one month on Sunday!  Soon that will be nothing as they grow up together in our extended family!
Out to see the baby chicks with mom and Aunt Hallel!
Pigs and...
A quick time to swing by the sandbox and the field she had always watched the crop grow there... corn one year and beans the next.  This year we will have corn growing there, if the weather ever allows them to plant. 

Today two of my brothers are having their feast day... St James and St Philip!  It was special to share morning prayer with 3 of my girls, John and Pat.  Wonderful family time to start the day and with thoughts of my family growing up.. I the oldest of 11 kids and mom and dad, who all came into The Church!  That Church which is the foundation of our Domestic Church/Family!
A walk out to see the cows and calves and the fort that the kids have been working on these months with Maria's kids here on the farm.  My girls discussed that they had not made forts, but played in the grove and pasture and the barns that are long gone.  So much of today was bringing back memories, but times have changed.  Just looking at my 4 girls together and that now they are grown with their own families including Hallel with her Community of the Lamb!
To look up and see my 4 girls together visiting around the same table!  Pinch me I must be dreaming!  The Best!! Jesus, thank you and we trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barb and family all together sharing our Faith/family/Farm!

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