Tuesday, May 30, 2017

"I do not shrink from proclaiming... the entire plan of God"

This precious moment happened 4 weeks ago now... our 3 new granddaughters together for the first time!  Joy was just 4 weeks and Josephine was to turn 1 a week later, and Evangeline was right in the middle at close to 6 months. 

Grandpa Pat sorely misses his daily snuggles and whisker rubs with his Evie/Evangeline Mary as she is now 3 days away in Tacoma, Washington.  He spends all his days over at the farm which now has Ruth's young family living here.  He is getting time to get to know our sweet little Joy as she changes and grows with each new day.  It is a beautiful process to watch up close as the little ones grow more alert and smile and engage and flourish surrounded by a loving family, fed at the breast, and given the care and comfort they need to be safe and happy... developing in the wonderful way of LIFE according to the perfect and mysterious plan of God for his creation.  I will never forget my Anatomy and Physiology professor at St Catherine's - a little aging nun, Sr Teresita, saying;  "all you need do is look a the wonder of the human body to know that there is a God!" 
Our Little Sister Hallel with the 3 on her first home visit in 4 years. 

Pat and I had a late night time of visiting the cemetery on Memorial day as the sun was setting last night.  It was a good time of remembering and sharing memories of many fondly, and discussing how we need to get our own plot and stone, and what we would include on there.  Pat was saying that he would like to have beef represented somehow, so that will be kind of special and a tribute to his father, as he learned his love of cattle as a legacy of his father.  Pat also asked me if I would name all of our children living and dead.  I would probably list my two stillbirths, who have a small stone in the ground as we buried them at the cemetery.  I have named all my losses and pray for them every day, so it would be kind of wonderful to see them altogether on our marker... I appreciate that Pat suggested something that makes my heart sing for JOY!  There would be so much healing and sharing of the whole Truth to see all my 12 together.
How I pray that they will be close and good friends as well as cousins growing up together in our Family/Domestic Church!  We know not when they will be together again.  There are not even fake plans for us get together in the months ahead.  Pat and I do have some very fake plans for going out to see Maria and family in Tacoma after the county fair, and possibly bring some grandkids along.  We won't have the little ones along for sure!  We will have a dog as we will be taking Maria's dog back to them. 
Love in motion and step by step growth.  My girls have shared babies within a year about 3 times now, and makes for lots of excitement and fun, and grandma takes too many pictures to record moments like this!

Yes, I take too many pictures, but I share them a lot here to record and add beauty to my message of Truth!  Yes, The Church asks us to be open to LIFE and to raise those we are given to be LIGHTS to the world!  This message and truth has been altered by Satan and sadly many have been misled to think that children are to limited to 2 so that you can have more things rather than kids.  A sad replacement.  A truth contrary to modern day thinking... only use natural means to space children if we must. 
My wonderful 5 with me for my journey here on earth... and 7 in heaven!  This was taken in Michigan and Hallel was added to make it complete for the goodness of my heart, mind and soul.  After sharing the many losses as a family - it keeps our eyes on heaven and our goal to be there forever with Jesus, Mary, the Saints and our family!  We all share a profound respect for All LIFE from conception to natural death as a result of sharing the pain of loss as a family!  Jesus, you know the perfect plan and we trust in you.  May we never hesitate to share your entire plan with all those we encounter, most especially those in our domestic Chruch/family.  Bless-bless, Barb

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