Sunday, May 7, 2017

"Let's go visit grandma after Church." Hallel on this Good Shepherd/Vocations Sunday

How I love to look at this after sharing David's second Communion with our Little Sister Hallel, who is home for the first time in 4 years!  Aglow with LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT after sharing these glorious days... all 24 only missing our Captain Joseph for meal after meal and sharing all the family/farm experiences we can put into our days.  We were just sharing that these days are so full and seem to be much more time together than the 5 days that she can be here with us.
The tabernacle aglow in the middle of them... our 5 children with arms full of their latest 3 girls, and in 3 days Josephine will be one.  Hallel got to meet them and spend lots of quality time with them over these close family days on the farm!  The Best!
Grandma had so much fun dressing my 3 girls alike, and they learned that it does no good to complain.  Grandma always wins!
She had lots of boy time, and...
Mom and dad time and we will hold it close to our hearts to get us through our years apart.  We are so thankful that we are united in prayers.   We know that each day Hallel lifts us up in her daily mass and time with Jesus in prayer throughout the day and in Adoration.  I love to know that in my heart, mind and soul! 
Lots of girl time!  They have such a role model on this Sunday of The Good Shepherd/Vocation Sunday.  May we hear the voice of our Shepherd and answer with a "yes!"
Basking in the glow of the LIGHT!  I am so filled to overflowing with the great time we have been blessed with together - So joyful!!!  Bless-bless, Barb and family galore!
Before we left for mass we were asking Hallel what she wanted to do after.  "Let's go visit grandma Ann after mass."  Yes, I thought, we have done that weekly for the last 20 years, but she died 6 months ago.  "Let's go and visit her at the cemetery. I would like to go and see her there."  On the way in the car, 4 year old Bernadette told us that she was "dust" now and her body was no more, but her soul was in heaven with Jesus.  Of that we have no doubt!
It was a most special time there alone with just our family in the cemetery.  John led us in a most moving and wonderful prayer thanking his grandmother for her love and care and joy.  He also prayed to his siblings - the 7 of them watching over us from heaven as two are buried there in that plot - my two 5 month still births, William and Robert.  "We will join you there for a huge party like we have been having here with Hallel this week."  You can only imagine the tears for this old mom.
Visiting grandma Ann after mass... she was so much a part of our lives and she continues to be.

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Good Shepherd Sunday (Vocation Sunday)
4th Sunday of Easter
Pray for our shepherds and priestly and religious vocations today!

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That so describes how I am feeling after this week of the most amazing family, weather, experiences, little ones getting along, wonderful meals shared, visiting, mass each day, prayer shared, the farmers now in the field - thank you, Lord!

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