Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day... remembering our dead as we live the busy farm life

Here is our youngest sweet new granddaughter, Joy Jean Jellybean, as her siblings call her.  I am getting to know her much more now as I spend time over here with her while her mom is outside checking for heat or helping on the new porch or mowing.... she is one busy mom of 6 and a farmer right along side her husband and dad.  Joy is such a good baby and she "self-sooths" which is super nice for a grandma trying to help out and there is one thing I cannot do for her and that is feed her.  It was so fun to watch her listen to the music and watch the lights and mirror on her infant seat... she really seemed to like it.
No longer do we have our Evangeline Mary living with us, and now grandpa has his big arms full of his Joy.  Grandpa was suggesting that we have a Memorial Day celebration with Ruth and Paul, but my question is; "Are we around here too much and would they like to just have some family time?"  Family time is wonderful, but when you work here it can get to be a too much.  It is nice to do some fun things together too!
Getting ready for the new porch to get poured this week.  Exciting times around here!
family job!
all the way to the top!
Pat putting it in layer on layer then pack it down!  Soon they will have a wonderful new porch to enjoy for meals and some relaxing time in the midst of our crazy life!  There is talk of going to the cemetery to visit Pat's mom.  Time will tell.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barb

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