Tuesday, May 16, 2017

"Peace I leave with you"... "remain in peace in one's soul... follow faithfully the interior impulse of his grace."

A parting family photo to fill my heart while they are apart from us.  They are so excited to be on their journey to their new home as a family at Fort Lewis, Washington!  On the barn behind is the sign of the wonderful family time we shared last night with the First Communion of little Dave!  Both David grandsons have had their first Communion just 2 weeks apart, and there is nothing better to encourage in them and share with them... Jesus!
Joe's wonderful parents made the trek from Wisconsin to get some goodbye hugs and support little Dave on the occasion of his first Communion.  "Dave do you feel different today?"  "Yes, grandma."  He gave me many big hugs before they headed down the road on a 3 day journey to their new home.  "We are ready to be a family again and to have order in our lives.  We thrive on order."  shared Joseph in a nutshell.  Jesus and Our Lady, travel with them protect them and give them your peace!

Peace is filling me this morning as I read the words of our Lord to us in John 14..."Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you... Do not let your hearts be troubled or afraid."  I love these words reflecting on this and which I find to be so true of my journey each day in The Church... by Father Jean-Pierre de Caussade (1751)  Scripture often reminds us to wait for the Lord, and there is no more useful secret for our sanctification.  There is nothing to which souls sufficiently exercised in the active life and the accomplishment of the divine precepts should more carefully apply themselves that to these occasions of peaceful waiting...Listen attentively to the voice of God's Spirit, or better still - follow faithfully the interior impulse of his grace/divine unction from the Holy Spirit which dwells in you and teaches you all things.
Dave and grandma went out to see the chickens before he left this morning.  He named his little cripple "Fighter" and tenderly helped him get feed and water this morning.  "It would be nice if he could have his own little home so the others wouldn't pick on him."  So sweet to see him being so kind and caring. 
The tears are welling up in my eyes as I look at my two girls!  I will miss them so much, and I know that Pat longs to make the trip out there to see them probably in August!  I had the joy of doing Therese's hair one last time this morning.  I had a hair tie from Mary, and put it in her hair as a memory of all the wonderful cousin time to take along.  How they loved to go over to see the kids each night after they got home from school!  Cousin time supreme!
A few special pictures with the sign on the barn, and their dog, Princess, who will stay here until we take her out there to them in August.   More reason for us to make the trip.
A super special cousin picture to give me a lot of tears and joy too!  I am going over to watch Joy while they move and sort cows and calves.  May peace flow over and around us!  bless-bless, Barb
One last topknot...

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