Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Remain in the Vine, as I remain in you... bear much fruit!

Hallel with the 15 nieces and nephews!  She certainly has much fruit/little ones to keep in her daily prayers as a contemplative nun!

Pat and I are making a whirlwind trip up to see my parents this morning.  How this sends me off  with wind beneath my wings!  The Gospel today from John 15... the vine and the branches is such a vivid memory of it being the Gospel while I was visiting Lumen Christi/ Light of Christ monastery in KC years ago.  I am so filled with all the memories of two weeks ago when we all gathered together to share our time with Little Sister Hallel, our nun, who only comes home every 3-4 years.  Now all have gone and our house only has John, Pat and I with Ruth's family 3 miles down the road and very much a part of each day here. 
How we rejoice that we share The Vine and are firmly attached... yes we certainly know the pain of being pruned to bear more fruit, but we long for our life forever with Jesus and welcome our coming closer to Him through our crosses in life.  As Hallel told me on the phone after my hip replacement..."Mom, when we are weak and hurting is when we turn to Jesus."  Yes!!!  May I always long for him and need him, my Vine from which I gain living water and His Body and Blood!
We are off to sit at the feet of my wonderful parents!  Jesus, travel with us in our chapel on wheels and may we share Faith/Family/Farm in order to bear more fruit for your Kingdom!  Jesus, we love you and trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barb

My Most Cherished Cross... time to spend with him is precious indeed!
These beads will be in my hands as we travel the 4 hours each way!  What JOY fills my heart, and soul with Our Lady always with me on this journey!
Yes!  By embracing the Cross we find LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT in our lives!
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So true in my life with The Word each day of my journey along with The Sacraments, The Saints, Our Lady, the rosary!
Motherhood is the best!  Yes, I see that Hallel is allowed to share in the Spiritual motherhood, too!

"God is as really present
in the consecrated Host
as He is in the glory of Heaven."

St Pascal Baylon
Hills and Valleys - Tauren Wells

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