Saturday, May 27, 2017

Sadness and Joy...Our beloved cabin is no longer ours.

What a difference 3 years make!  Each of the girls has expanded their families by one or two since, and as of this week our wonderful cabin of close to 20 years is no longer ours!   Other than a few family items like moms paintings on the walls behind Ruth... we virtually walked out of our beloved cabin and left behind all the furnishings and so many memories.  The tears flowed today to think of another family (from Flint, MI) being there this Memorial Weekend, but also a prayer for them to have as much JOY as we experienced over our summers there.  I know many of my grandchildren and my kids would say that it was very good!
A bookcase full of wonderful books and the time to read them on vacation. 

 I admit that the Big Lake is in my blood much more than my farmer husband and my kids, who grew up on the farm in the summer consumed by 4H projects to finish and livestock to care for and get ready for the fair.  A tradition carried on now with Ruth's kids on the farm, and a wonderful way for kids to grow up.  They all tell me that they were happy to have our 20 years thanks to my folks and these last years thanks to their dad agreeing that we should become part of the association of us and 4 of my siblings to carry on with Michigan/Cross Winds.  But they do not feel the same loss and sadness that I am experiencing at this time!  I do think that when I ask the grandkids that have known and loved a week or more in Michigan each summer... I think they will be with me in feeling that it is a huge loss for them.

Patrick and Rose at about one taken 4 years ago looking out towards the lake... so many family meals shared here followed by our beloved tradition of ice cream cones!!!  So much sadness to have this loss today! 
Therese the baby lover with baby Dominic, who was just weeks old here! 
A picture I did years ago of Maria sitting at our table reading.  I now have this and much of my mother's art and mine decorating two of my new bathrooms!  I went with the beach theme in both, it seems now as a memorial to our cabin on the Big Lake!  How did I get so hopelessly hooked?  Growing up my grandfather had a cabin on Grand Traverse Bay, and living in the inner city of Flint, MI, we would spend many months of each summer there.  Love,love, love!!!
Most every day on our vacations at the cabin...I would sit and watercolor or sketch to capture the memories... now they decorate my new bathrooms and remind me over and over of the special family times we had there!
My mother's art and family times on the Big Lake! 
From our last year there... Ruth now has one in her arms, and what better place for the watermelon juice than out in the sand and then wash off in the lake?  Yes, as the Lake has a mind of it's own... there is now sand galore on our beach after years without.  I think it helped it to sell so quickly!
Rose doing watercolors on the deck.  All 5 years of her life she has had a week in Michigan with the family... many watercolors out on the deck and how I would love to lay on the strange metal chairs saying my rosary and watching the clouds and the seagulls sail overhead, as the waves crashed over and over to sooth and excite me.  My mind and heart and soul would soar with them and I would sigh a huge breath of the pine smells and the quiet and peace... "This is what heaven will be like!"  I would sense deep within.  How I pray that the new owners will find this a wonderful place to share Family time supreme!
I am now at Ruth's and I have fast internet, so I predict too many pictures will appear here as I pour out my deep feelings today at the selling of our cabin.  I just shared a farm dinner with Ruth and her family, and when I asked the kids to raise their hands with me if they were sad to not have our cabin anymore... all 5 raised their hands!  I know that they love it deeply as they have had their week or two there all of their lives.
Suddenly the sand reappeared over the last few years.  The beautiful beach right out in front of the cabin made it perfect with all the kids with sandtoys and trucks and dips in the cold Lake Michigan waters.  Beautiful blue waters, but mostly the Family time is cherished!
Michigan brought us together and that is the best part of it all!
The girls in the Big Lake 2 years ago.
Three 2 year olds and two chairs equals a battle for who gets the chairs three years ago on our miraculous sandy beach.  I am having too much fun with these precious pictures from our glorious times at the cabin.  Hard to imagine that we will not have our weeks this year. 
All together is the most special part of going 11 hours away from the farm.  It meant that you needed to stay for a few days to make it worthwhile!
Smores tastes better when you can put your toes in sugar sand! 

Story time always special!  Wildflowers galore when we were usually there over the 4th of July! 
As one of our members of The Association, who loved the cabin so much that we took over the payments and the work to keep it nice.   "Thank you everyone for the association and the love of Michigan. We had a good run!"

Yes, I feel a lot of sadness today as my love runs very deep for the beloved Big Lake, and it truly is amazing that my farmer husband allowed us to travel all that way for close to 20 years and have such wonderful family experiences.  Thank you, Pat, from the bottom of my heart!  I know that this was a sacrifice you made for us to have such supreme family time.  Now we will cherish those times we gather probably either at KC with Nancy and The Community of the Lamb as well as in Fort Lewis Washington with Captain Joseph and Maria! 

Jesus, how I cling to all the great joyful and beautiful family experiences we were blessed with over these last 20 years thanks to my parents and now working together with siblings to keep it afloat as long as it has.  May wonderful memories be in store for the new owners who now appreciate all that we have left behind for them.  Jesus, Family time is truly the Best!  Bless-bless, Barb
Watercoloring to have a small piece to hold close to my heart!
A new flag for this last year!
Joy will never know this like her sisters did...

The cat bedroom is still there for the new owners to fill with family!

A selfie in front of where our cabin was on Traverse Bay growing up.
Putting us all together in watercolor land 2 years ago!  It does my heart good to have us all together and I look upon this and find peace and Joy in my new bathroom now. 
Twin mermaids in the sugar sand I grew up playing in 50 years ago or more!

Too many pictures?  Yes, probably, but I was just trying to put it into a bottle and save it.  A true sign of LOVE for this part of God's glorious creation called The Big Lake.
Our view from the deck... sigh!
My last year in the red, white and blue bedroom!
Arms full of babies - 5 years ago when Rose was just two months old and Gus was just a year older.
All gathered around...

5 year ago version...
 Our great room...
The kid chairs now with new kids in them. 

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