Monday, May 22, 2017

St Rita... "stay at my home"

Hallel surrounded by 5 of the 15 grandkids on one of her last days here over 2 weeks ago.  By this time the kids had played so hard for days in the beautiful weather we enjoyed for her 5 days on the farm, that it was a special quiet time to sit and lean and kneel and lay and listen to Aunt Susan/Little Sister Hallel read to them books.  Special close time to be cherished with their Aunt, who is a nun and lives most of the time in Rome, Italy for these last 3 years. 
Grandma and Hallel with all 15 on such a glorious sunny day... we have finally bright sunlight today after days of cold and rain.  The sunny green and lush after almost 3 inches of rain is taking me back to this Saturday morning two weeks ago when we recorded our all being together!  This only happens every 4 years so it is precious indeed, and I continue to love to share them as I write here and pour out my heart.

Today is the feast of St Rita, to whom we pray for impossible cases.  She has come into our home when the kids were young.  We would gather in the evenings and read from the book of the Saints, and she with her thorn in the middle of her forehead, was one of the ones that John would ask for..."Read St Rita!"  So this morning John and I and Pat sharing morning prayer we shared our joy that once again she is with us!
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May 22nd is the #feastday of St. Rita, the famous patron saint of impossible causes (and of the sick, wounded, lonely, abused, and difficult marriages). Her life exemplified the words of St. Paul, "For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all" (2 Cor. 4:17). Read how her virtue amid terrible trials made her heaven's patron saint for the hopeless:

Isn't it so important to have her in our homes and our lives?  Don't we all have those that need her intercession and we at times too?  Yes!  The words of Lydia in the first reading today from Acts 16.. after she had embraced the Faith and been baptized, she "prevailed" that the disciples "stay at my home."  Reminding me of Mary and John at the foot of the Cross and Jesus telling him to take her as his mother, and so he brought Mary into his home!  So, too, are we called to bring the amazing Saints into our homes, and so we have with each new day... the excitement builds as we see who is specially ministering to us that day!
Hallel with her newest niece, Joy Jean Jellybean!  All the prayers that surround each one of us... we are now 25 members in the Pat and Barb Verly Family!  And of our extended we have reached over 200 when you put our families together.  On they way driving back to KC 2 weeks ago today, I went down the list of new babies expected... 3 new ones in the Cross side, and 2 more on the Verly side, plus all the new births in the last year!  I told her about the weddings, and the divorces, and the cohabitating.  Lots to add to her prayer list, and such comfort knowing of her prayers in front of Jesus each day in mass and adoration.  Yes, we miss her being a part of our life, yet her prayers are priceless to us. 
The 3 new girls in the last year.. together for the first time and chances of them being together again in the next year or so is not likely as Evangeline just moved 3 days away to Fort Lewis, Washington!
She definitely had a baby girl in her arms a lot during her time here!
Many of the grandkids bear Saint names and that is very special for them.  We have a Bernadette and Therese, Dominic and Augustine, Rose and Mary and Simon and Luke... really all names go back to the Saints and there is delight when they hear their names read during mass.  Evangeline is for the new Evangelization and her patron saint is St John Paul II!  The lives of the Saints and their amazing stories are shared in all of our homes.. they "stay in our homes!"  I would safely say that The Saints are very important to us as we live and share our Faith with JOY, Hope, Love, Peace, and all the fruits of the Spirit!
 Feeding her Josephine her birthday cake!
 So precious and cherished to have this stunning picture with the tabernacle behind of our family all together... only missing Captain Joseph!  A treasure to fill our hearts and souls with LOVE/LIFE/LIGHT!
Now with the baby girls!!!  The best!

Jesus, how we are lifted up and given so much for the journey when we take your Mother and The Saints into our homes!  They are there to help us and intercede for us as they stand at your feet in heaven giving you all the honor and glory!    St Rita, we look to you this day as an old friend from our journey of Faith/Family/Farm.  Asking to share in the suffering of your Jesus in order to help those that seem to be in impossible situations.  May we love and serve you, my Jesus, without counting the cost.  May we die to self so that we may become the Saint that you are calling us each to become.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
The view that greeted me when I came out of the chicken house today... basking in the sun and keeping their feet dry...
Yes, with 3 inches of rain there is standing water around... my feet got really wet! 
"How do we get out of here without getting soaked?"  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
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The Lamb is very much a part of our faith journey with our Family/Community of the Lamb!
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Big things happening at the farm today... Ruth's cement for her porch is getting poured!  The sight of the boys out helping with the paving landscaping yesterday evening!
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She is so black and white... LOVE!
Danielle Rose - The Saint that is just me
Danielle Rose - the Litany of Humility

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