Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The HEART/LOVE is beating at 8 weeks in our Savior of the World in the Womb of our Mother of Heaven and Earth!

Baby Joy is now 9 weeks old and the baby kitten is just two weeks old... lots of new life all around us these days with spring here along with calving 160 cows with their calves now going out to pasture day by day as they are bred for next year's calf.  It has been super special to have all 3 of my married daughters welcoming a new baby girl in the last year.
Now a gray kitten and baby Joy. 

LIFE is a gift and it is so powerful today on this Feast of The Visitation to realize that Jesus in Mary's womb was just 8 weeks old and that is when the heart begins to beat/such a sure sign of human LIFE!  With all the modern technology of looking inside the womb and seeing that between 6-8 weeks we see the heart begin to beat... for me LIFE begins at conception!  John and I were discussing the message of Mary only 8-9 weeks pregnant and visiting her older and further along cousin, Elizabeth, and the child in her womb leapt for JOY recognizing the Word made flesh/the Savior of the world in the womb of our Mother of Heaven and Earth!  "A mother might not even know that she was pregnant yet at this point."  "Yes, she might notice that she has just missed her second period, and a lot of women have abortions at this early stage thinking that it is just a blog of tissue."  No, it has arms, legs and a beating heart beat!  Even the child in the womb of Elizabeth recognized the coming of LIFE into the world in this most humble and miraculous way!  I have always held the powerful mystery of creation of LIFE between my husband and I to be the most wonderful of all!
Exciting times to have baby kittens to watch grow.

My love for having children runs very deep for me!  Pat and I shared our values on our first date... our Faith, open to LIFE/a large family, and the farm.  All the same so shortly we were engaged and married and then the Lord's plan was hard and a cross to be sure as we had 12 children as we had hoped only there are 7 in heaven and only 5 here with us to share our journey of LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT!  Sharing the pain of Loss as a family made us all love and respect one another deeply and I see how close my kids are one to the other.   It also forged deep within the respect for all LIFE from conception to natural death!  How we all value LIFE from Ruth's work as a Creighton Model Instructor to Nancy's Small Things with great LOVE and her work promoting LIFE as she worked in an alternative school with American Indian girls, and Maria's work in a pregnancy center that had an Adoration chapel inside as well as being very close to a Planned Parenthood!  Praying all 15 decades of the rosary outside an abortion clinic in the Cities with the grandkids a year back and enlightening them that all babies are not safe in the womb and we must PRAY and share The Truth always!  How Jesus reveals that to us this day as he speaks to us from the womb of Mary... all  LIFE in the womb is a light that needs to shine to add more LOVE to the world and not be extinguished!
Sweet Joy is a delight to spend time with these days of grandma helping out with the grandkids and meals while Ruth watches for heat in the cows.  The farmers know that it is time for them to become pregnant with the calf for next year.  Their calves from last year just went to market last week, and so the cycle of life and growing food to feed the world goes on and on, and is a very big, hard and important job!
The 3 farmers with the meaty animals as they are being shipped to market.  They went hormone free this year and the meat will be shipped to Europe.  It is a small world now a days. 
Beautiful Ruth with her two youngest girls... a tribute to the beauty and of gift of motherhood and being open to LIFE and raising LIGHTS to make a difference in this world revealing the message that all LIFE is precious! 
My wonderful champion for LIFE, Patrick!  He sure loves having the little ones around to share his love for the farm life, too, as well as his insight thanks to the Holy Spirit at work... "The world needs LIGHTS."  His answer to me when all those around us said that the world was too terrible to bring children into... maybe 2 at the most.  "Are we being selfish to want a big family?"  "The world needs lights!"  So wise and now carried forth by our married daughters!
A work of art and brings so much joy to my heart and soul!  The title is most certainly... Open to LIFE and raising LIGHTS!  How we embrace this Truth on this day of The Visitation!

Jesus, life is such a glorious gift!  Yes, it takes sacrifice of our own selves to give all that it takes to raise children.  Isn't that what you call us to?  Mary's Magnificat this day is all about how we are to humbly love and serve you above all else...He has mercy on those who fear him
in every generation.
"He has shown the strength of his arm,
he has scattered the proud in their conceit.
He has cast down the mighty from their thrones,
and has lifted up the lowly.
He has filled the hungry with good things,
and the rich he has sent away empty." Luke 1
You make it pretty clear where we should be in this world... poor and humble and lowly.  Lord, may we share The LIGHT we have been given each day of this journey, most especially in our domestic Church/family.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barb
Nancy has asked for selfies showing us doing the small things we do each day... Each morning I share on my blog Family Soul Story, and it certainly is a small thing.  I receive very little feed back and know that only a few look at it and even less read it, but... it gives me a lot of JOY to share smally the Truth I have found in The Church and through the guidance of The Holy Spirit at work in my father and husband and within my inner temple.  Yes, I share my messages over and over, but I feel that they need to be shouted from my rooftop here on my humble farm in Southwest Minnesota prairie.  The few views keeps me humble and small, and I embrace that! 
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