Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Thinking of our time... Hallel in the air to Rome!

The only one missing... Captain Joseph has been added to our family picture to make it complete!  I am thinking about Hallel today as she was starting back to Rome at about noon today.  She called yesterday to let us know that she is on the mend from her stomach flu and is slowly getting some food down.  Our house is very quiet with Maria and her family now with their dad in Virginia.  Just the 3 of us... John, Pat and I.  A small rain this morning has made the farmers slow down a bit, but not for long.
This came to me while I was on the road from KC to the farm yesterday!  Proof positive and picture perfect of the 5 happy kids with their dad!  I haven't seen David or Patrick smile like that in a long time.  LOVE!!

My internet is kind of slow and frustrating today, and we moved the chickens over, so I am the chicken farmer now.  The weeds are calling my name outside and one more big push to have the house and yard nice for a house full this weekend as Maria, Joe and family come through and we celebrate our little Dave's first Communion with his grandparents from Wisconsin here to share in the celebration!  What a special time and send off as they then head out to Fort Lewis Washington.
Mowing the lawn after back from KC and our huge family week... across the road in our field Ed was planting the corn with the windmills in the background. 
The chickens are growing like weeds and are now in their new home with grandma chicken farmer on the job.
I had lots of time to think as I sang along to Christian music with my rosary in my hand - 8 hours in the car to ponder our amazing family time with Hallel.  She most seemed to love her time with the little ones, and with 3 babies it truly was surprising that there wasn't more crying and carrying on.  I think that Hallel would say that she got reacquainted with the kids and had lots of special time getting to know the new ones. 
The new shop held many of our big family meals in the midst of many bikes zooming around and farm work.  The weather was amazing, and no bugs!
Many spring and summer days were spent at Camden State Park playing in the water, so to have that time there on Saturday was very wonderful!  To see Hallel with her feet in the water and just having some time with sisters, mom and nieces and nephews... a very special part of our time!
Time with 5 week old Joy.  Go with Hallel as she returns to Rome this day!  We are forever blessed and lifted up by her prayers and her "yes" to your call.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barb
Tauren Hills - Hills and Valleys
It seems that both times this came on the radio I had tears thinking about our time with Hallel... the good kind of tears of gratitude and great Thanksgiving!

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