Friday, May 5, 2017

Time with Hallel... church and Catholic School... Awash with emotion!

What Joy!!!  Hallelujah!!!  The church bright with a glorious spring morning sunlight with Hallel attending first Friday mass Pat and I on either side of our nun.  The tears had to well up at the deep thoughts and the out of this world readings and the sharing of this most precious time with our daughter. 

The sacrifice of our having her in our day to day lives is at times hard and painful, so to have her sitting between us sharing mass in the church of our family... from the first Sunday as man and wife, after being married in The Basilica of St Mary in Minneapolis, my home parish as a new Catholic... I married my farmer, Patrick, and we planted ourselves 3 miles south of Marshall, MN!  When you farm you do not move other than when Hallel/Susan was about 3 we moved onto our farm place, which is where Ruth and Paul have lived for a year now.  It has been interesting to see how we tend to spend our days there rather than here for this intense family time!  Holy Redeemer has been our church with our family and now our extended family there weekly, and there will be 4 of our grandkids attending the Catholic School with Rose in Kindergarten next year!
Speaking of the Catholic School... we found ourselves there with 3 of the girls, Ruth had just left ahead of us, to see Mary in her living museum... hers was Lucile Ball complete with a red hair dye the night before.  Once again the emotions came welling up walking around the auditorium, where we attended many concerts and plays and programs with our 5 in school, 3 there with me today, and now we will have 4 grandchildren attending with 2 more in the wings.
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A great picture shared by Paul this morning!
A 6 year old David and a 5 year old Gus helped grandma put clothes on the line this morning. 
Gus hanging a towel in the bright sun!
There are fake plans for a soup ( wild rice as Hallel loves soup) and sandwich lunch in the shop at noon today.  Yesterday we stopped in with lunch for grandpa and watched the kids riding bikes and enjoying cousins and glorious days on the farm together.  The Best!  It is great to see how much Hallel enjoys being where the kids are and helps them and interacts with them.  She played a never ending game of War with little 5 year old Rose last night!  Too special for the two of them.
Hallel brought her blue apron and helps out in the kitchen as we have 25 to feed at each meal.  I am trying to let her be a guest as she has been cooking for The Community in KC for the weeks she has been here in the U.S.  She describes her life as prayer and dishes.  I think she is very happy with that.  Pat said that we should try to have a meal in silence while she is here... with 15 little ones... kind of impossible!  We need to have her back for mass at 6:30p in KC at Lumen Christi for mass on Monday and she will be ready for more prayer and quiet contemplation!
Hallel/Susan grew up putting clothes on and off the line, so she got to help me out, too.  Our old dryer is getting tired with all the wash to dry, so spring came just in time. 
Hallel and her Simon in the school that they both shared.  Simon will be a teenager this year - 13 in September.  They have birthdays just 2 days apart... Hallel on the 18th and Simon on the 20th!
So fun last night to watch our two youngest granddaughters getting acquainted on the floor.  Holding hands and trying to figure out who that other little girl is.  I have huge fake plans for tomorrow when all the kids are home from school... like Hallel with all 15 of her nieces and nephews in front of our red barn which now reads... Hallel is Home Sweet Home! 

I need to get busy on my soup... but I just have to go on a bit about the amazing readings we have at mass today... the Conversion of St Paul from putting Christ's followers in chains to proclaiming the Truth - "that he is the Son of God."  Acts 9.  Then the real meat and potatoes of John 6:52-29
For my flesh is true food, and my Blood is true drink.  Whoever eats my Flesh and drinks my Blood remains in me and I in him.
Hallel reading her prayers/psalms on the front steps with Romeo beside her waiting for mass yesterday.  LOVE this so much!

Jesus, I know that Hallel is frustrated with my picture taking, but how I want to hold all of this close to my heart and find joy that will last 4 years until the next time she can come home and spend these precious days with her loving family!  It is so amazing how she brings us all together and how Pat and I can be her parents once again.  So different with her sisters with their many children and husbands... to have Hallel come home.  She gives to all of us and is so special to the little ones in how she lovingly spends time with them and cares for their needs.  They are so blessed to have her example of being a spouse of Jesus!  I pray daily that my grandchildren will consider this call as it is such a glorious option.  Jesus, you are truly the Son of God and we long to be with you now and forever.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Her good friend and mentor, Fr Craig.  How wonderful the support he gave both Susan/Hallel and John in the heart of his cancer battle and then his discernment of the priesthood!  Such an example of Christ to us!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke

Mass with Fr Craig and Sisters of Mary the Morning Star.  Filling our day with Jesus and family and farm... the Best!

David and Joy sharing some snuggles a few days after sharing Baptism and First Communion!
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