Sunday, May 28, 2017

"treasure stored up" on this Ascension Sunday - we are not to know the time but armed with the Spirit go forth!

A dear friend reminded me of the "treasure stored up" we are blessed with after our 20 primo years of having a cabin on Big Lake Michigan.  Knowing that it is now in our past is very difficult for me to let go of.  So for this weekend/Memorial Weekend 2017.. I admit that I am wallowing a bit and sharing from my huge treasure trove.  This was 4years ago when Rose, who was 14 months was taking her first steps walking with the help of mom and dad on either side.

On our last night at the cabin we had a family tradition of going out for a meal and then walking out to the Manistique Lighthouse.  It seemed that the May grandchildren would be starting to walk for the first time in Michigan!

The view from above...
No lack of beauty to be found all around us... always the stunning backdrop of the Big Lake! 
 4 years ago... 6 month old Bernadette got her first taste of Grandpa Pat's ice cream cone.  Many ice cream cones were eaten in Michigan, and first taste of ice cream for the babies if grandpa was around! 

The Grotto of the Immaculate heart of Mary put in across the street from our St Francis Xavier Catholic Church with the donation of my parents when they lived there and dad served as a Deacon for the Church!  This has been a special place of prayer the last few years since it was built... how I would love to go there on the anniversary of my sister, Mary's death on July 3rd!
Starting with Simon, our oldest grandchild... every summer for a week or two we have shared supreme family time and stored up great treasure in our hearts and souls!  The pain of loss is huge for me this weekend and forward! 

Reading the first reading from Acts for the Feast of the Ascension/7th Sunday of Easter this morning... much of it answers the disciples questions about what he has come to accomplish..."It is not for you to know the times or the seasons" then he sends them forth to proclaim Christ to the world as the Holy Spirit gives them the ability to preach and teach and make a difference!  We are called to be active in our Church and our domestic Church/family sharing the unconditional LOVE of Jesus for all sinners, and not to get hung up on the times of the seasons.  Yes, we are to be prepared at all times, but always looking outwards and upwards and go forth and share our knowledge and love of Jesus!  We are sent forth!!!  We are not to close ourselves in and find fault with our Church, rather we are to go forth and get involved and make a difference in one small thing done with great love at a time.   We are called to worship as a family and share our Faith with JOY, and not to be a shopping cart Catholic, but rather embrace all that is given to us as The Church is there to help us get to heaven forever with Jesus, Mary and The Saints!
Yes, I do see the boys pushing their dump trucks in the sandbox, but the Big Lake will not be in the background any more!
The church where my dad served as Deacon for many years, now he is retired at 92 in Wisconsin.
Granddaughter, Mary, with my sister Mary's graduation picture, at the Grotto of Mary after mass last year on the anniversary of Mary's death from lymphoma when she was 28.  LOVE!

This morning at mass I had a special close moment with Pat's mom as the bells lightly chimed to remind us that the consecration was about to happen, and then 3 times when the Body and Blood are lifted.  I started to recall that Pat's mother did not get to experience this new old thing that Father has brought back into the weekend masses.  I had to smile then as I knew that Mom Verly was there with us and was smiling from heaven to experience this with us!  She knows and is gathered with us and the Saints as Jesus is lifted up for us and then we receive HIM!
A treasured closeness to my sister... we both grew up loving our Michigan times together!  She and I ( I was 7 years older than her) would walk arm in arm down the beach together collecting fossils and sharing closeness visiting about our shared lives as Minister's daughters and blessed with a large family to grow up in.  We continued to be close when Mary came to live with me and fell in love with the Farm while I was pregnant with my second child and on bedrest.  She then found her own farmer, Gerry, and they had a daughter, Audrey, who was 20 months when she died. 
Yes, that is the sugar sand on our beach this last year!

Lord, looking out my windows of my new home just 3 miles away from the farm... it is a very good life here and we are very blessed to live out in the country with lots of wonderful adventures each day filled with Faith/family/Farm!  May I let go and dwell in the present times and look forward to new adventures/family times we will have as we spend time traveling and spending time with our family now living in KC and Tacoma... maybe even Rome or France for final vows for our Little Sister Hallel!  We do have wonderful treasured memories to cherish, but it is now time to go forward and proclaim Jesus and share our Faith with JOY!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
4th of July sparklers as it seemed that week in July would be ours at the Big Lake
We do watercolor on the farm, too.  Cherished grandma/grandkids time to be sure!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke

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