Friday, May 19, 2017

"Your mercy towers to the heavens" Psalm 57

Taking pictures by my Mary statue is a must for us when we do our famous family photo shoots, so Ruth took a group over there 2 weeks ago when we shared time together for our time with our nun, Little Sister Hallel.  This picture represents the Truth for me as I walk arm in arm through each day with Mary.  At the foot of the Cross Jesus told me and all his disciples whom he loves that she is our mother and we in turn find that by bringing her into our homes, we have all that a mother brings to us in her love and healing caring touch upon us.  This picture is also a prayer for me, as I pray that each one of my family will know and love her as their Spiritual Mother.
Therese is now settled in her new home in Fort Lewis, Washington, reunited with their dad and starting their on a new base as a JAG officer in the army.  She is very blessed to have Aunt Hallel for her Godmother, and all the prayers that she receives each day of her journey.
Prayers today for the Librande Family as they are settling in as a family once again.  I am sure that the tensions are high as they are around here too.  The command today of Jesus to us to "love one another" is echoing in me.  Sometimes that is such a challenge for us in the midst of the ups and downs of life, but it would help if we recall in that moment of his love for us!  Lord, help me, to love as you love even for a moment of the day.  And may I return the mercy I have been shown.  Bless-bless, Barb
"I think he is keeping the baby awake with his constant chirping."  Ruth about a Baltimore Oriole that has taken a liking to their deck outside their bedroom.
Admiring himself in the reflection and eating the orange that Paul put out there. 
Rose showing Joy the new baby kittens born yesterday!  Joy seems more interested in her big sister...
Rose and Luke excited to show me the 4 new kittens born yesterday... moma cat gets to come in and be in a clothes basket in the house.  So much like my little girl, Ruth, now their mom.   She always loved those baby kittens!
7 week old Joy with her first of many batches of baby kittens in her life.  It looks like there are 3 girls and one boy kitten... so lots of baby kittens down the road. 
Cement trucks will be rolling this afternoon ahead of the rain, and the porch is getting put on Ruth's house!  Ruth thrives on doing the big jobs!  She must have gotten it from her dad... not me. 

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