Tuesday, June 6, 2017

"Give to God what it God's" - "Lavishly he gives to the poor; his generosity shall endure forever" Mark12/Psalm 112

Luke ready to go for some fun at Camden yesterday in Rose's sparkly goggles. 

Just back from Ruth's watching for heat and marveling at the beauty of this new day.  The Gospel today from Mark 12 reminds us that we are to give God what is God's... what can that be?  The Psalm tells us that if we stay poor and humble and realize that we are nothing without the Trinity in our lives..."lavishly he gives to the poor, his generosity shall endure forever." Psalm 112
Simon and the kittens

Yes, our thoughts and prayers are with Mary, who is experiencing her first girl's camp at Schoenstatt on the Lake.  "I hope she is having a good time." said her mom holding her new baby, Joy.  "There is no doubt that she is having a great time!  All you shy girls were higher than kites when we came to pick you up from your weeks there."  "Yes, that is true."
Cows and calves, pigs and goats... Ruth has to do Mary's goat chores while she is gone.

How do we stay poor?  By doing those small things we are called upon to do in our day to day lives... chicken chores, pig chores, goat chores ,watch for heat throughout the day or grandma watch the kids and make lunch while Ruth watches for heat, make meals, do wash and put on the line, clean house, pick up kids from Bible school, pray an hour of Adoration if you are really lucky, pray the rosary throughout the day and spend precious time with my best "girlfriend", Mary the Mother of God!  Not only do those small things but also attempt to do them with LOVE!  That is the hard part as our feelings of sorry for myself and resentment creep in and poison my attitude and my calling to serve without counting the cost!
A nice cow and calf that came to join me in the shade this morning.

Yes, we are poorly at doing those things we need to do.  I hope and pray that the Lord will come to this weak and sick and sinful person and help me to do a better job this day if only I fall on my knees in prayer and supplication.  I am off to Adoration/the best hour of my week!  I love to put each member of our huge families in the monstrance with Jesus!  We number over 200 when you put both Pat's family and mine together.  There are new ones to add this day as we have new babies here with us now... before I would pray for those in the womb, and today they have names and new sweet faces!  LIFE is a gift to be cherished and protected no matter the cost! 
Out in the corn field behind the house to watch the cows in the trees this morning.  The corn now has 4 leaves and looks wonderful in the warm sunshine after all the rain we have gotten last month!

Jesus, I am yours and I am weak and small and do a poor job, but I ask you to help this day as I fall on my knees to love and adore you!  Jesus, I trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barb
The wonderful outside family space/new porch waiting for the roof and railings and steps later on in the month after we have a huge breakfast in the shop on the June 22nd.  They use it now for supper as the porch is in shade at that time. 
Cows and calves in the trees with shade and long grass to eat.
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My blog sharing of Faith/Family/Farm is certainly a small thing, but one that I definitely do with great LOVE!

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