Sunday, June 11, 2017

"God so loved the world..." He modeled small and humble for us, and gave us His Spirit to embrace the Truth!

Trinity Sunday just seems filled with beauty and joy today!  Baby Joy slept through most of mass and then sweetly went up to Communion in her mother's arms and then was cradled by her siblings.  "She is getting bigger, and I am not sure how to hold her now." big Sister Mary shared. 
Big brother, Dave, loves his baby sister! 

Our day started early for Pat and I as the storm approached us with rumblings and dark clouds and wind.  We went out to do the chickens and got wet from the rain as we came back to the house.  It was nice to do them together... Pat bought some more athletic chickens to compare to our fat and lazy broilers... so we have baby chicks again - red rocks.
The new chickens arrived over my objections..."I just wanted to compare the two."  So he is out there giving me a hand now, so there are definite positives about this, and they are quite cute, too.
Ruth gets the kids out putting clothes on the line and off... just like I had mine.  I was telling them that I called it COL for clothes on the line and clothes off the line.  One got the clothespins, one took the clothes out of the basket, and one pinned them on the line.
Well, we did get to the strawberry patch in the wind and heat, and managed to pick 10 ice cream pails of berries!  It feels good to have that done, and it turned out fine.
Family time after mass, and...
Our first big breakfast out on the new porch with 12!  A wonderful new tradition has begun!  There is no doubt that Ruth will get lots of use from her porch.  "I can get used to this view." she shared today as we sat out in sweaters to keep warm.  After the rain has gone through - an inch in just a few minutes - the temps have dropped dramatically!  Yesterday was very hot, now chilly.
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"Through small things, greatness.

Because we all started out so very, very small.This is God's plan. And it is so beautiful."  Nancy shared this today, and I wrote this in response;

God himself came into His world tiny in the womb, and that is the most amazing small thing of all!! And he asks us to follow after Him! All LIFE is to be embraced and protected as we are asked to be open to LIFE and raise our gifts from God - our children - as LIGHTS! Jesus, we trust in you. Bless-bless
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The second reading from today - Trinity Sunday!

Crossing ourselves throughout the mass today and at meal prayer and just pondering the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit... we are filled with His LOVE as he came to earth tiny in the womb in order to show us the Way, The Truth and the LIFE!  We are then infused with the Holy Spirit, which dwells within us and allows us to also embrace smallness and go forth down the narrow path carrying/dragging our Most Cherished Cross and following after him - our goal... to be forever in heaven with Jesus, Mary and the Saints!  Lord, hear our prayer!  Bless-bless, Barb and Hallelujah
A reminder of how He gave his LIFE for us, and he was God!!
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Overwhelmed by your LOVE my Lord and Savior!
Rose is a hard worker and loves the mess too!  We had a great crew and our 10 pails were quickly into 54 pints of strawberry jam and some for strawberry short cake too!  Baling has begun with the load of bales just picked up from the field outside the window.  A big job that lasts all summer long!
The crew listening to music, singing along and hard at work.  Then there were calves out of the pasture across the road, so we had to tend to that, but we eventually had...
54 pints of yummy freezer jam for the 6 families we provide our homemade food for!  My dad especially loves the strawberry freezer jam we make!  I love that I still have my parents with me, and sharing our wonderful bounty of food with them is a joy for me! 

We had a mission speaker for the homily today sharing the poverty of those in Guatemala at our mission San Lucas Toliman.  He shared some very moving stories with us illustrating the poverty we cannot even imagine.  One story was about a blind man, who begged on the corner for nickels and dimes to feed his family.  When he found out that he could have his cataracts removed and gain his sight... he told the kind doctor that he was able to beg to feed his two children and wife a meal a day, and if he couldn't do that there was no work for him and they would starve.  So he left without the surgery and remained blind as it was the only way he could feed his family. 
Big Dave also helps in the kitchen.  Eggs on Sundays are mixed by mom and cooked by Dave!  A special and familiar sight.  Learning wonderful skills to last a lifetime!
There will be a roof and a railing to come after we host a huge breakfast on the farm...
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lots of work has to happen to make our place nice for all those coming out!  It will hundreds of people - maybe a thousand!?!
Join us for the Lyon County Farm Bureau Breakfast on the Farm!
Pancakes & sausage will be made by Chris Cakes
Tickets are $1.00 - available at Runnings & Hyvee in Marshall and at the door.
Shuttle buses will pick up and drop off from the Marshall High School Theater Lot, 400 Tiger Drive, Marshall, MN 56258

Direct questions to Paul Lanoue at or 507-829-1851

Yes, there was strawberry juice everywhere!  Rose loved the mess!! 
Hands are made for smashing too! 

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