Friday, June 9, 2017

Jesus in my home and heart... As Tobit says over and over "Blessed be God" or Bless-bless

Love these colors but most of all that they can be together sharing wonderful family time.  Yes, the 7 hours each way seemed like a lot on the way down mostly, but these mega smiles and hearing Rose say that swimming in the pool was the best part of our time there... well, it all was well worth it!  You can't put a price tag on time together with family, and our time traveling to make it happen enters into that too.  There is talk of Pat and I loading some grandkids and heading on a 3 day journey to see Maria and Captain Joseph on the West Coast after the County Fair is in the books.  Pat is so planted here on the farm, so when he can get out and see the country and spend time with family... he LOVES it!
Grandma had so much great fun with my 10 week old granddaughter, Joy Jean Jellybean.  She is starting to sleep all night for mom and wake up smiling and happy.  I got a dose of those smiles yesterday even though I was putting her in and out of new outfits that I couldn't resist!
First I picked out the sunbonnet and then I added things that went with it.  Here it does look like she could have her dad's blue eyes as well as hair color and good looks!  She sure is a sweetheart for grandma all these days of watching the kids so Ruth can watch for heat!  Today is the final day, and the haying has begun!
Many times throughout the day I see Pat on his knees working on equipment or helping a calf to nurse or many other reasons on the farm.  I am sure that he is sending up prayers throughout his hectic day, too. 

I was very impressed by the reading of Tobit over these last few days... much of their greetings and speaking and pleading is done in prayer... it seems to start with "Blessed be God..."  I know that Pat and I used the prayer that Tobiah and his wife Sarah shared before they entered the marriage bed in our wedding mass, as well as the Wedding at Canna for our Gospel reading.  "Blessed are you. O God of our Fathers, praised be your name for ever and ever.  Let the heavens and all your creation praise you forever....It is not good for the man to be alone , let us make him a partner for himself..."  It makes me smile as the greeting "Bless-bless" has become like this for me, and really I am saying much the same in much simpler terms!
It is so wonderful to have time to see her grow with each new day and develop her Joyness!

Lord,  I love you and am so glad that you dwell in our domestic Church/family and that we share our faith as a family along with our hard work and love of our farmlife!  Life is such a gift and sharing each day with the little ones is a pure blessing to us!  "Blessed be God.."  I love the way Tobit and his family were so joyful and could see your face and touch in all that befell them... the good and the bad.  Jesus, you are my all!  Jesus, I trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barb and Hallelujah!
Rose and Joy out on the new porch... now complete with steps and a parking pad.  Many special family meals will happen here... more wonderful family times to share and thank the Good Lord for with all that we do for one another without counting the cost! 
Adorable and too much for for an old grandma!
Haying has begun!
Mary home from Schoenstatt camp telling me about blisters on her feet from walking to church, lots of games and rosary in the chapel, making new friends and good food!  Love to hear that the times have continued to be a wonderful blessing for girls from one generation to the next!

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