Thursday, June 15, 2017

"Let light shine out of darknes"... gazing upon His face we are transformed!

Love this picture of LIFE, as I call it with all the emotions of the little ones... it looks like the 3 two year olds at the time are all having a melt down!  Baby Dominic is very peaceful in the arms of baby whisperer, Therese. 

Why share this precious memory from 3 years ago to begin my sharing today?  A niece/friend shared today some tie dying they were doing... I had to share this tradition we had at our shared cabin on the Big Lake... making shirts and then wearing them to the 4th of July parade.  We are both hugely sad to no longer have our wonderful cabin to make family memories on the Big Lake any longer.  She called it "that magical place" and my heart is broken that it is in the past for us.
Mary and her baby brother Luke 3 years ago... Luke was 6 months and Mary was 8...  They will miss going to Michigan as they have always gone there.. my parents built their vacation home/cabin for us kids almost 20 years ago now.  A huge hole in my heart to have it no more!
Grandpa loves the little ones so much and they love him.  Three years ago... Bernadette close to 2 and Luke 7 months.  I loved that Pat could get too far away from the farm and relax with our family.  Now he has plans to travel to the West Coast to see our military family after his commitment to the county fair is in the books!
Sand reappeared on the beach that year... amazement that he could walk barefoot in the sugar sand on the beach after years of rocks!  Mother nature sure pulls some tricks on us!

Lost in memories and so emotional at this point... I was filled with great excitement also at the first reading today from 2 Corinthians!  St Paul in his excitement and love for Jesus, who knocked him off his horse and blinded him to get his attention...
"Now the Lord is the Spirit and where the Spirit of the Lord is,
there is freedom.
All of us, gazing with unveiled face on the glory of the Lord,
are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory,
as from the Lord who is the Spirit."
Have you experienced this?  How do we gaze upon his unveiled face?  By each day going to The Word!  I love to do this with the readings of the day along with morning and evening prayer!  Pat and I have discovered The Magnificat for us to share most mornings.  John and I will also use that , but if we have time we LOVE to do the office/morning prayer after we share breakfast. 
The two 6 year olds... now they are wonderful 9 year olds and their cool reflections on a big wave day out at the lighthouse!
Watery reflections from cleaning the shop yesterday as we prepare for a huge breakfast happening on our farm in a week from today!  With the rain and the hay and spraying that lie ahead Pat knew that this was our window...

We are also transformed more and more into Jesus by the Sacraments at work in our day to day lives!  The Eucharist is the biggest and best and most powerful as Jesus enters us and gives us all we need to go forth as LIGHTS!  The Sacrament of Marriage is also life-changing and life-giving and wears off the rough edges and allows us to die to self so that Jesus may become more and more part of us!

Pat loves his new shop and it certainly is getting cleaned spotless!  Come out for breakfast on the farm from 6a-9a on Thursday June 22!
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Here is the blurb if you want to come out!
Yes, the kids are out there helping, and grandpa sprays Rose, and she thinks it is great fun!  The smile on grandpa's face says it all..."I love to have a young family enjoying farm life!"

I cannot leave out the all important, difficult, and amazing Sacrament of Reconciliation!  Today in the Gospel, Jesus reminds us of how we are called to forgive any brother we have a quarrel with.  This is hard, most especially when we feel wronged or justified in our actions, but it is counter productive in our lives to hold that grudge and to make enemies of others, who then retaliate!  Starting with laying it at the feet of Jesus in the confessional and then go forward and forgive and forget! 
Now the new landscaping Ruth and Paul have worked hard on in the front of their remodeled farm home and the new porch done other than the roof and the railings!  LOVE!

Jesus and Mary, we love you save souls!  I repeat this over and over after I have gone through the litany of our combined families - over 200!  My time in adoration is the best time I spend all week as I may sit at the feet of my loving and forgiving Savior - you, My Jesus!  I love to look at you in the Monstrance and say the 10 decades of my rosary... holding in my heart each of my children and their families, Pat, my Godchildren, my family, Pat's family and my beloved Catholic Church!  May your glory shine forth for all to see... most especially those in my domestic Church/family.  May I die to self so that you may live, work and minister through me.  Jesus, I trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Ruth has her outside space and she will use it daily!
Lots of work and love as they make it special and beautiful and their own.  Faith/Family/Farm says it all!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
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She is my guide!
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It would have been today, but will be on Sunday!  I am so excited to be able to spend Father's Day with my dad up in St Croix Falls and take them to mass at St Michael's in Stillwater on this amazing glorious feast!
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Love so much!  The Church is the best and is there to help me to get to heaven!  I love, love, love it with my all!
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A little St JPII to fill my day with Truth and Hope!
Danielle Rose - Small things with great love

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