Thursday, June 8, 2017

Love your neighbor as yourself... "loving the humanity that he has created and embraced"

When we received the news that Hallel was coming for her home visit, we were so thrilled at how perfect the timing was for us to ALL be together for her 5 day visit (only Captain Joseph was missing)!   Maria was living here prior to her moving to the West Coast, and we knew that baby Joy would be born for about a month before. 

So many prayers are said for our little ones as soon as we know they are living in the womb, so to have all born and in our arms is huge for us!  It is as though our prayers have carried them into our loving arms, and it was a great gift to have Hallel meet them and care for them and leave with them firmly in her prayers for her family from across the ocean in Rome.
Hallel with her Josephine and a baby chick... 
How I love to see her with her three new nieces!  Knowing of her prayers for them and for our entire family.  No, we don't get to see her much more than every couple of years, but when we know that one of the girls is pregnant or there is need for prayers... we don't hesitate to give her a call and ask for her prayers for us.  We know that each day she has mass and time in prayer throughout the day and adoration... her prayer time is intense and deep and we see The Holy Spirit at work in her life as over and over she is in the right place at the exact moment...  Her home visit was a perfect example of this as now the girls and their families are far away.  It all was just perfection!
Time spent at the Catholic school where Hallel and her sisters and brother went to school for 9 years each...
Putting clothes on the line just like old times!
Her oldest nephew, Simon, and Hallel are very close.  Her prayers are very wonderful for him as he navigates his life colored by Autism. 

I found this reflection by Bishop Barron today to be very special in regards to the Gospel in which Jesus gives us the first and second Commandments to live our life by... Loving God and neighbor with all that we have!
 "Why are the two loves so tightly connected? Because of who Jesus is. Jesus is not just a human being, and he is not just God. He is the God-man, the one in whom divinity and humanity come together. Therefore, it’s impossible to love him as God without loving the humanity that he’s created and embraced."  Bishop Robert Barron 
This brings flooding through me just how much he did for me!  How God came down to earth out of love for me, and how He showed us how to love and follow after Him.  How he called my daughter to love and follow after Him!  And she filled with LOVE said "yes."
What JOY!  Able to spend some time in Adoration in front of the glowing tabernacle in the evening light with John and Susan/Hallel while she was here during the 3rd week of Easter!
Pat's new shop became a wonderful gathering space for our huge family meals.  The weather was perfect and there were no bugs and wonderful family sharing and eating and loving our God and our neighbor as ourselves!
Hallel loved the farming going on all around her and had some great times in the tractor with her dad and watching the newest innovations that are happening with the farm and planting the crop.
Lessons on the farm and time with dad!
Toes in Camden where we spent a lot of summer days learning to swim and it was our main summer vacation in the midst of our busy farm life, and summer filled with 4H animals and projects of all sorts. 
Always have to spend time with dad and the cows and calves... Susan loved her beef background always and even had a cow border in her bedroom which is still up there today!  It is now David's and Luke's shared bedroom.  So wonderful to have a young farm family living there now!

There is no better time for me than these precious times when our family can be together and I feel that the Lord totally spoiled me with all that we shared with great joy... hardly any arguments among the kids as they played long and hard in the glorious weather we were gifted with!  We certainly experienced the love of our Lord for our domestic Church/family!
 Sharing Sunday mass as a family, and having this precious keepsake on my wall, and yes, I did add Captain Joseph to it!  A complete picture of all the blessings we have been given!
 O my Jesus!  I love you so much and love to see the LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT that fills us to overflowing!  This is also on my wall and fills me with so much happiness! 
How she teaches us of how we are called to give without counting the cost!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barb
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"Chubby, sweet little baby toes are a beautiful reminder that the smallest things are often the most wondrous.

A reminder to delight in my smallness and the small work before me.

A reminder to protect and defend the smallest....

A reminder that God cares deeply about the small, the hidden.

A reminder that I am small, and being small is so very good."  Nancy
Danielle Rose - Small things with great love

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