Friday, June 2, 2017

Maria and Joseph celebrate 10 years, on the road to KC, Little Brothers groundbreaking in the heart of our country, and cement!

So excited to wish Maria and Joseph a happy 10th anniversary today!
You spend time with your hard working farmer husband when you can find it... filling pails of chicken feed and riding along into the pasture to dump the rocks he picked in the field across the road qualify as good times spent with my spouse/Most Cherished Cross, "Patrick farmer guy" as grandson, Dominic Patrick calls him. 

Getting a call from Nancy and both of us talking to her on speaker phone Pat laughed at his new nickname by his almost 3 year old Domo!  Nancy also invited me down to be there for the groundbreaking as the Little Brothers will now build there Little Monastery in the heart of our sick and sad country, and spread LOVE and The Truth!
When Pat invited me along to see the cows and calves, I had to grab my camera as this early summer with the lush grass and so green and the cows and calves so peaceful and content without the heat or the bugs to contend with yet.  Well, it is a masterpiece and a small slice of heaven in picture form.  We heard not a moo as they peacefully grazed or lay down and rested in the late afternoon sun.
This cow was enjoying the creek and cooling her toes while she got a drink under the shade of a willow tree.
Maria and Joe's Beagle, Princess, loved to take a dip on the creek waters too!  She seems so happy to be able to have the pasture and yard as her playground.  We are thinking of Maria and Joseph especially today as it is their 10th anniversary!   And how sweet and wonderful it must be to be semi settled and together as a family on their new base - Fort Lewis in Tacoma, WA. 
The day before they headed out west as we gathered for little Dave's first Communion.  People comment that they miss seeing Maria's wonderful family at mass.  Yes, they lived here for 4 months and were always at mass with us.  Pat so misses his baby girl, Evangeline Mary, and the word is that she is now crawling all over the place.  Happy 10th Anniversary Maria and Joseph!  What a sight to behold for 10 years!  You certainly put into a picture the words - be fruitful and bear fruit as the Cross has become the tree of LIFE!

Joe wrote this today to his bride:
"Maria - we've been married for ten years today. Throughout the years, there have been times when I did not think we could do this - we're only human, after all. Still, I have realized (and hopefully, continue to realize) that our love is a hard love - it's something we choose to do each day, aside from our feelings. The moment I met you, I knew that I could build a life with you. You are magnificent and beautiful. You are my building and loan partner. I love you, lady. Happy anniversary."
I think this is a very real description of our Most Cherished Cross which we are to each other in marriage!  Yes, Joe, it is "a hard love" and the results of embracing it is to find LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT/The Cross has become the Tree of LIFE!
Adding Joe to our family picture to make it complete, as he was in training in Virginia and was unable to join us when Hallel was home...

It was so good that he could fly in to KC for Easter with Hallel and spend time with his family after months apart as well as see Susan/Hallel for the first time in many years!  Love to look at the JOY in this time together, and the silliness that we have grown to expect from each one of them!
Ruth and Paul and family were missing, but I didn't have to add Joseph to this one!  We have a sudden and unexpected trip this afternoon to support the Little Brothers and Gus and Berna for their first T-ball game.  Yes, John, I,  along with Rose and David are heading down for a couple days in KC with Nancy and family!  Life is an adventure and very good!
This big thing is going on at the farm today... the porch is being poured!  Ruth loves her porch and will use it a lot!  I love how they have a vision and are willing to do the work that it takes to make it happen. 
 A peaceful and content pair of cow with her calf in the lush grass... 

In the Gospel today Jesus does not brow beat or condemn St Peter for denying him 3 times, rather he calls him to come into the present and to witness to him and the world the LOVE he has for his savior!  How we need to do that... lay our burdens and sins and all that separates us from our Lord in the Confessional and then go forth and love and serve him without counting the cost!  Become the hands and feet and heart of Jesus to the world around us... most especially those the closest to us in our domestic Church/family!  It fills me with so much HOPE for this mess of a country we live in to know that The Community of the Lamb is putting ever deeper roots down in the heart of our country with the Little Brothers here building their Little Monastery!
Lord, I love you, you know that I love you, yes I am called to be a wife, mother, grandmother, farm wife, contemplative each day with my morning and evening prayer and the rosary in between, I am called to do small things with great love and to die to self so that your Holy Spirit may live within me!  I am yours and I long to be a better servant of yours as I go forth down the road this day in my chapel on wheels.  Jesus, I trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah

Nothing goes to waste... these will make a crossing over the creek later on this summer.  Yes, the rocks had new babies over the winter, and make for a big job...
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Paul with his rock picking crew... two will get some days off to come with grandma and John to see their cousins in KC and swim in their pool!  These little ones are the spice of LIFE!
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Danielle Rose - Small things with great love

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