Saturday, June 3, 2017

My lovely assistant and I doing small things in sunny KC!

Girls with Kateri braids getting photo bombed by Big Dave...

Berna and Rose are just 6 months apart and best friends.  They are together again in Kansas City for a few days and grandma and John did a crazy thing.  We jumped  in the movie van and drove 7 hours to watch Berna and big brother, Gus, play their first T-ball game and this afternoon watch the Little Brothers of the Lamb break ground for their future Little Monastery in the heart of our country! 
Light saber battle in the sunlight is how we capture the boys, and it is a lot of fun here!   The family is heading out to the neighborhood pool now to cool off in the Kansas City heat.  They live at their pool here, and we are joining them for some family fun!
T-ball now the pool!

My lovely assistant helping grandma with dishes.  I kept telling her that I didn't even like to unload my own dishes and hers even less, but she charmed me and we got the job done. 
Jo Jo found the storage container drawer and posed with her topknot grandma was able to put in just for fun!  Well, the pool and family is calling me away.  I love to reflect upon St Paul in the reading from Acts today.. under captivity for 2 years in Rome  living with his soldier guarding him, and proclaiming the Kingdom.  I would say the soldier came to believe The Truth!  May we proclaim The Kingdom always no matter how hindered we may be or kept captive by LIFE all around us distracting us and calling us to do the small things that we would rather not do, but that lovely little one joins us and makes it a special time together and clean up for grandma when she is gone for her nap.  But with a smile on my face.  Bless-bless, Barb
Yes, Jesus we trust in you, too!
An attempt at a pretty dress picture before her nap...

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