Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Our faces aglow from the LIGHT within - Holy Spirit moments fill us!

This is so treasured and already gracing my wall in the kitchen!  It was a Holy Spirit moment to see all my kids smiling standing together with Jesus in the tabernacle glowing behind them in the sanctuary of the Church they all attended every Sunday from when they were born until they headed out into the world!  Considering that 3 are now days away by plane and car... Hallel in Rome, Maria in Washington on the West Coast, and Nancy in KC.  The tears are welling up as I look at their happy faces and arms filled with the 3 baby girls from this last year!  God is so good to us! 

I know that they all have a deep joy and LOVE for one another, and all were super thrilled to have the ability to be here sharing all the time with their Little Sister Hallel!  Her last home visit was 4 years before, so this time was precious indeed!   And it was treasured and wonderful in all ways!
Out of the 3 new granddaughters, John is Godfather to two of them along with 2 others.  He is a loving and doting Godfather to Joy, Josephine, Reagan, and Big Dave!

Lots of thoughts and prayers for John this day, as he has taken a summer job of teaching swimming lessons at the YMCA in town.  He is also going out to give his story tonight, so lots of prayers this morning at morning prayer with his dad and I that his words will be those of the Holy Spirit and touch many.  I am sure we will lay hands on him and pour Lourdes water over his hands and head before he leaves.  Laying hands on and praying through Our Lady of Lourdes has become a powerful way to send John forth.  He fell head over heels in love with Our Lady after going to Lourdes twice while we were in France for Hallel to take her habit and take her first vows a couple years later.  Taking her habit was just a couple months after John started his battle against brain cancer!
Another Holy Spirit moment/miracle that John and I made it to France in the heat of his battle against brain cancer!  Talk about faces aglow after being in His Presence!  That mentioned in the first reading today along with the reminder that it will fade for us... Yet, with the Holy Spirit bringing us His Truth, LOVE/LIFE/LIGHT through The Church we can go forth and teach those around us that same Truth with Joy!  Those given to us to raise as LIGHTS in our domestic Church./family foremost!  Those that will then go forth and be LIGHTS to the world around them.
John and Hallel in France in 2009... the 8th anniversary of John's brain cancer is this Father's Day weekend!  It is very wonderful that he continues to burn to share how we are called to embrace our Faith and make it our own and to Trust in Jesus no matter the hardship.  "Jesus, we trust in you." when the cancer came roaring back and we were shaken and scared... Bishop Levoir reminded us that this is what we should say and believe, and it has become our motto ever since. 
Unable to walk alone due to the biopsy in the back of his brain.  This was John upon the Cross... his sisters helping him... so powerful and life-giving and life-changing for John.  He is now the new John, who loves Jesus, Mary , The Saints and The Church, and burns to teach and share that love and healing more than anything else!
Our Lady looking down on him... John was so exhausted after treading water in the deep end of the pool teaching swimming... he fell asleep on my bed in mid sentence. 
Now 8 years John has survived the battle of his life, and continues to ask for the Lord to show him the path he has laid out for him.  How I love to have his companionship here at home, and I know that it is hard and humbling for him to be living at home at this point.  But living alone just to be out there is hard and community it important, too. 

Jesus, we are yours and want to give our all without counting the cost!  We ask that you direct us on the path we are to take in our lives.  Use John to touch many.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah

John doesn't like this one because he had moon face from prednisone... When Hallel went back after driving John to radiation for a week over Thanksgiving.  How their two journeys were intertwined and John knows of Hallel's prayers for him as he staggers down the narrow path laid out before him.  That is true for me too!  If it means that we don't have her in our day to day lives in order for her to have the ability to be a contemplative nun, who adores her Jesus each day in Adoration, and receives him deeply each day in Eucharist, and prays over Jesus in The Word morning, noon and night - always lifting up her family throughout.  So blessed!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
Back to see Our Lady of Lourdes and head over heels in love with her... 2011 when Hallel took her first vows!
A miracle!  We make it to France in the midst of John's brain cancer and after a brain biopsy!
These two are so close!!!
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Nancy's sharing today!  I am off to clean the shop in prep for a huge breakfast we will be having in a week at the farm... talk about doing small thankless tasks for this huge occasion coming hot on our heels.  As Pat says "its a lot of work!"

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