Wednesday, June 7, 2017

"remember with great appreciation... when you brought 'the church' to mom"

This came up on my blog a year ago and made me pause to recall all of our wonderful times with Pat's mother sharing The Eucharist and the Word/the readings for Sunday mass.  It made me nostalgic and sad that her part in our life had to come to an end after 22 months of hospice care in her home, and her involvement in our lives farming with them and her always wanting to attend all the things at school and at church  Weekly we would all pitch in to make it happen for her to be able to stay in her beloved comfortable home.  The biggest piece was handled day and night by her daughter living with her, and mom knew that she owed so much to her! 
Pat and I just received a most wonderful thank you note from his sister thanking us for our time each Sunday with mom sharing The Eucharist and The Word/scripture.  "I couldn't help but remember with great appreciation and gratitude all those Sundays for 22 months when you brought 'the church' to mom... I know it meant the world to mom and gave the week some scripture."

We always felt like we would like to thank mother for the years we were gifted with taking her to church with us or going there with The Eucharist after mass and sharing Communion with her in her home after she couldn't get out any longer.  Yes, years!  So when we didn't go there or make that turn towards her house anymore... it was a hard sad day, and a habit we found hard to break.
A lot of times Ruth and family would stop in to see her and share a meal as well as the Heavenly meal/Eucharist with Pat's mother.  She didn't get to meet their newest member of the family... baby Joy. 
Such an amazing lady she was!   How she is loved and missed!
This picture was such a gift for her!  She adored that she had been able to be with all of her kids just months before she died.  She would look at this picture on her table and smile one of those rare smiles she had at the end.  But surrounded by her 9 surviving kids brought out that smile for sure!

The Psalm from mass today speaks of trusting in God to show us the path he has for us, and knowing that it leads to heaven forever with Jesus, Mary, all the saints and mom Verly working her way there with our prayers for her.  She certainly showed us how to humbly embrace the end of our lives, and she taught from her deathbed us how to turn to prayer...
Gathered around her sharing The rosary, Chaplet of Divine Mercy and scripture reading.  She brought us to prayer and Jesus with Queen Mary at his side!
Returning the love and care she gave so willingly and freely to her children and extended family as well as friends and strangers!  She brought Faith and living that Faith in LOVE/LIFE/LIGHT to her family! 

Jesus, how we love you and long to follow after you down the narrow path you have laid out for each one of us.  Our lives are so rich with our sharing our faith with those we love and care for most especially those in our domestic Church/family.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barb
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