Thursday, June 29, 2017

Solemnity of St Peter and St Paul... what JOY! "We don't need that."

7 years ago today we were in KC with Hallel and her Community of the Lamb!  Paul and Simon (Peter) had just made this icon to celebrate their shared feast, and we were there to say goodbye to our Little Sister Hallel as she was heading back to France.  A year later we would be going there - Pat, I, John and his mother to share with Hallel as she took her first vows!  Going back to our 2 days there have brought to mind some of the powerful events we were experiencing just a year later, as John and Hallel had both been going through life-changing experiences at the same time!  John facing brain cancer and defeating it, and Hallel becoming a Little Sister of the Lamb!

Moving the table and the feast outside on The Solemnity of St Peter and Paul 2010 complete with coke and green beans and grapes!  Truly a feast day and a meal much like we experienced the two times we visited Saint Pierre in France. 

From my blog post 7 years ago..."On the way to Mass on the first morning there - the Feast of St Peter and St Paul - Hallel reminded me that on this day a year ago she traveled from Rome/St Peters to St Paul to see John in St Joseph hospital as he awaited the diagnosis of the tumor in his brain!  Of course... I was deeply touched by the memory and the power of the feast day that brought Hallel to join her family."  How this makes these Apostle Saints at the feet of Our Lord in heaven come close and personal to me!  How blessed are we to have the Saints Army with us on this journey?  I love them so much!

Ice cream to make it a wonderful feast day indeed!  On this spot is now the Little Monastery/Lumen Christi/The LIGHT of Christ in the heart of our country!

I shared this story 7 years ago..."As we had lunch on this feast day of Simon and Paul - St Peter and Paul... there was a 30 something man named, Mike, in the kitchen talking to the little sisters... We were introduced to him and Simon was impressed because he had on a John Deere shirt... After he left the sisters joyfully shared that they had met him a few weeks before... he came with a friend.  Afterwards he had said to his wife for whom he had bought a classic mustang -"We don't need it... I think I will sell it and give the money to the little Sisters."  She agreed and that day he had handed them a check for $25,000!"

Stories like this led by the Holy Spirit is the reason that they raised the money and built their Monastery, and now the Little brothers are beginning to build, too!   Archbishop Naumann has admitted that they both surprised him with their efforts and ability to put down their humble and beautiful roots in the heart of our country!
It is an exciting day on the farm... they  are starting to put in the roof and railings on the porch... Little Joy is learning at the feet of her amazing mother and in the midst of it all!

I suppose that someone could say that they don't need that, but it will be the hub of family life from spring to fall on the busy farm and that is something that is important to is to be cherished and nourished even if it cost us some money.  It seems that our summer vacation spot is now a thing of the past and as granddaughter, Mary, said yesterday... "I now have my 4H projects and the county fair to fill my time for the rest of the summer."  Yes, that is what our kids filled their summer with, too!
Rose calling to me from the upstairs window and Luke from the patio door... it is an exciting day on the farm! 

Lord Jesus with St Paul and Peter, who gave up their all to love and serve you without counting the cost, may we come ever closer to you this day of Feast!  Off to such a powerful and wonderful start with morning prayer with Pat from the Magnificat and with John doing the office on our phones!  May we divorce ourselves from things and stuff and more of this or that and realize that all we truly need is you, my Lord, and your Bride, The Church, which is there to help us get to heaven forever with you.  Off to spend the best time of my week sitting at your feet my Lord in Adoration of You!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
I don't know where she got her love of these huge projects!?!  Not from me... I get very nervous and anxious when I am called upon to do the big changes in homes.  I am thankful that Ruth did so much to this house and now with the bathrooms done... I should be good for years to come, and I am happy with that.  Bring on the Peace that passes understanding with my best girlfriend, Mary the Mother of God!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke

"Virgin Immaculate lead us along the way of pure love in the footsteps of the unblemished Lamb."  A song sung by the Community with their voices of angels, and my prayer for this day and always!

Hallel with her Simon 7 years ago...
About 2 months ago when Hallel was home for her first home visit in 4 years!  It was the Best!!!
Simon will be a teenager in just a few short months, and deals with autism in a sweet way but still a challenge he has been given for life's journey.  Knowing of Hallel's prayers for him and all of our family is a huge blessing for us all!
This is what we need when you take all the superficial stuff away... Faith/Family/Farm!
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The Gospel is Jesus in our midst!!!
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We owned this T-shirt and Hallel made a T-shirt quilt when she went off to college and put it on it... it is the only one that is now tattered on it... It was loved and worn too much, obviously!
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Love them with Mary as they are in heaven !
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A memory John shared today... I call it the Easter Hat/ John Falling down picture from 1991.  A family treasure to be sure!  A good laugh too!

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