Saturday, June 24, 2017

The hard things in life bring us to deep LOVE ... through the Cross we find LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT!

Our family complete after I added Captain Joseph... my family knows that you will be added later as I love to see the complete picture that dwells in my heart of us all being together.  It was quite miraculous that we could all be together, only missing one, for the days that Hallel was here for her first home visit in 4 years! 

The emotions are welling up today and very powerful after a wonderful morning prayer and sharing the readings for today with my husband. along with the memory of 8 years ago sharing the Feast of the Birth of John the Baptist at the bedside of my 20 year old son, John, in Sioux Falls and hearing the horrifying word that they wanted to do brain surgery on him.  NO!!!!
Just sharing today about our 4 1/2 months with Maria and her 5 kids... grandpa sure got some baby time with his little Evangeline!   He misses her a lot!

I just checked Maria's blog and found some wonderful pictures of her family since they left and moved to Fort Lewis, WA... sure do miss these two girls and am so glad that they have each other.  Therese is so devoted to her new baby sister and so happy to have her.  She is such a fabulous older sister to all of her siblings, and the two losses that her mom has had have been very hard and painful to Therese.  This is so familiar to me as we had many losses in the midst of our family and the kids shared the pain with us, and as a result they are have a deep love for LIFE and for each other.  Pat and I were sharing at breakfast this morning that having hard things in a family combined with Faith brings us to a place of closeness and binds us in LOVE!

Patrick with a cousin that now lives just a few hours away by Seattle! 

Help unpacking their shipping crate with all their earthly possessions into their new home...

 A surprise when unpacking...

John and I were able to share the office today, and reflect upon how the Lord answered his prayers for Faith through his brain cancer.  How he longs to share that with all now that he has come through cancer and been healed - the new John!  Jesus tells us that we will find LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT through the Cross in our lives, and we see it and know it as The Holy Spirit fills us with all we need to go forth and be LIGHTS to the world!

The military is a challenging way to live out a marriage, with separations and worries about the welfare of your spouse.  How sweet it feels for them to be united as a family getting settled in their new home now.  A small slice of heaven for sure!

I just shared a bit with my sweet sister-in-law, Angela, who went through open heart by-pass surgery 2 days ago... she shared that sitting up in the chair today she felt like a "rock star."  All the prayers and support pouring in and showering her!  Yesterday was not so much that way due to the pain, hopefully each new day will be so much better than the last!  The thing about the Cross in our lives is that it makes the good times that much more wonderful!!!  Life would be boring and dull if all of it was good and happy and sunshine and lolly pops... ever get too much candy?  Yuck!  Or ever taste how wonderful sweets taste after the 40 days of Lent?  Heaven!

It sure was wonderful having them in our big wonderful home...especially when the bathrooms were done.  I hope that they are using their rubber boots a lot out in Washington! 

Lord, St John the Baptist, a feastday for our son, John, and such a powerful reminder of the plan you had to use this humble forerunner of you entering the world, and now our John - humbled and longing only to share The Truth he discovered through his brain cancer.  "You saved me to share how we need to come to you and come to believe in Jesus and His Bride, The Church!  Also your amazing Mother, Mary the Mother of God, whom I love love love!!!"  the new John.  What JOY I have to share prayer with my new son, and ask each day for you to show him the amazing path you have in your heart for him to follow carrying/dragging his cross!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah

Some pictures I have been wanting to borrow from Maria since they had some private time with Hallel over Easter!  Susan/Hallel just had met Romeo and Evangeline for the first time and...

Joe flew in to see her and spend some time for the first time in many years!  There is no price tag to put on family time supreme!  LOVE!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke

So happy to have this crazy family pic!!!

Deep sharing and JOY!

Yes, they are both kind of silly too!  That's part of their tie that binds!

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Come to drink of the living water!
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Lamb of God, you take away the sins of the world
The Afters - Broken Hallelujah
Danielle Rose - True Love/the cross

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“I want to show you a sun that shone more brightly than all these, a soul that was truly free and detached, cleaving only to the will of God. I have often wondered who is the most mortified of the saints I know, and after some reflection I have come to the conclusion that it was  Saint John the Baptist. He went into the desert when he was five years old and knew that our Savior and his came on earth in a place quite close by, one or two days' journey perhaps. How his heart, touched with love of his Savior from the time He was in His Mother's womb, must have longed to enjoy His presence! Yet he spends twenty-five years in the desert without coming to see our Lord even once; and leaving the desert he stays to catechize without visiting Him but waiting till our Lord comes to seek him out. Then when he has baptized Him he does not follow Him but stays behind to do his appointed task. How truly mortified was his spirit! To be so near his Savior and not see Him, to have Him so close and not enjoy His presence! Is this not a completely detached spirit, detached even from God Himself so as to do His will and serve Him, to leave God for God, and not to love God in order to love Him better? The example of this great saint overwhelms me with its grandeur.”  ~  St Francis de Sales

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