Thursday, June 1, 2017

"The Lord stood by him and said, 'Take Courage...' "the love in which you loved me may be in them"

Grandma wisdom called upon for a sick crabby baby while mom was out helping the men last night.  In short order Simon had the enjoyable job of giving Joy a ride in her stroller/joy ride while riding his bike.  Joy was peaceful and eventually took a nap while Simon cruised her around and around the new shop. We learned with her older sister, Rose, who was crabby... Rose Cry a Lot... that if she was in the stroller and pushed that it would help her settle down.  Joy seems to have a cold, so it is good that she has her 2 month check up today.  Also news that she has a new second cousin today as my Godson, David, and his wife have a baby girl today!  Congratulations!
John's job at Tracy HS is off for the summer, so he is now helping out on the farm.   It is a very busy time of year with breeding, putting cows and calves out to pasture, and haying, spraying the fields for weeds and pastures too.  Plus we will have a huge breakfast served in our shop on June 22 put on by Farm Bureau!  Yikes!  Lots of work ahead!
Big brother helping out in an enjoyable way.

The first reading today had Paul facing the Sanhedrin and they got to stirred up that he had to be rescued from their midst.  It is so powerful to experience that "the Lord stood by him and said, "Take courage..."  St Paul, who did not encounter Jesus and persecuted him until he was knocked off his horse and blinded on the road... now has him come and stand beside him and give him the courage he needs to go forth!  How I also feel this presence as The Holy Spirit touches me in my journey.  The fingerprint of Jesus as he touches me on my shoulder and tells me to take courage!  I will name a few of these times - coming into The Church with my family,  when my husband told me that the world needs lights in answer to my question about having a large family, when the prayer warriors lifted up John and he was healed, when my grandson, Patrick, was born dead and brought back to life.
Our Lady honored... how we love her and appreciate her constant comfort and joining us on our journey to join her and her Son forever in heaven with The Saints... today we honor St Justin.

The Lord certainly showers us with the LOVE which he has been given by His Father in Heaven!  LIFE is such an amazing small slice of heaven if only we have Jesus stand  beside us and fills us with the courage to share The Truth and die so self so that The Holy Spirit can use us as his hands and feet!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barb
Big sister, Rose, brings out Joy from her nap into their bright sunny house.  Outside the porch is getting prepared to be poured.  Exciting and busy times!
Since Joy went with mom to pick up the big kids from their last day of school, I got these two today.  They went down and played happily with their toys left here a year ago when we switched places... proving that they become fun again when you take them away from them for a while.  The costume box is always a hit!
Now rest time in grandma's 4 poster bed just like old times.  Rose remembers watching movies in our bed a year ago in the farmhouse.  "Your bed used to be where the sink is now."  I can tell they are happy when they can spend time here making new memories in the house that they used to live in since they were born.  "Joy will never live here." said Rose wisely, but I still think it will be special to come to grandpa and grandma's house.
In September Rose will go to all day Kindergarten, and Luke will go to 3 year pre-school a couple days a week, so I think Joy will be here watching movies in grandmas bed for a few years as the newest and the youngest with all to discover and experience ahead of her!
Joy Jean Jellybean--- sweet as can be!
Sweet little Lamb... so loved!
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