Saturday, June 10, 2017

The WiND decides our day... hot like it was 40 years ago... the day I met Pat!

Her family gathered for lunch time, grandma got to hold baby Joy and watch her drift off to sleep in my arms.  Such a good little girl she is!  Sleeping all night and waking up with loving smiles for her mom!  The strawberry on her top was to announce a big day of picking and making jam, but 30 mile an hour winds and a baby to consider while we are picking in the heat and wind... we just decided that it wouldn't be the right day. 

When big plans change that would have started with Ruth, I and 6 kids getting on the road around 7a... well, each new happening is a gift including morning prayer/office on our phones to Blessed Virgin Mary, and John helping me with the chickens, and a nice breakfast without running out of the house.  I almost got on the crew picking up bales, but with the wind making it impossible to bale some.. I am sitting in my quiet cool house sharing some of my 40th anniversary thoughts that always come automatically with it being June 10th!
How I love this!!!  Every day he talks about how he misses his little Evangelina!  She moved into her home on base in Fort Lewis yesterday! 

This man entered my life 40 years ago today as I came down from my home in Minneapolis, having the weekend off from my job as an RN at HCMC on the neuro station, to attend my friend, Marge Verly's wedding.  It was a hot June 10th... in the 90s like today, but thankfully the wind was not nearly as strong.   This picture reminds me of what I saw in him... he was very genuine and caring.  I sprained my ankle at the wedding dance, and he brought me crutches, spent time with me the next morning showing me some family photo albums and was very sweet and kind, plus he was about the most handsome man I had ever met!
He is a very huge force of nature in my life and those of us that farm with him.  Yet, he cannot control mother nature as hard as he tries.  We have seen those million dollar rains after many prayers offered, though.  It seems that our prayers are heard and answered. 

Pat also represents the Holy Spirit speaking to me and directing our marriage and that of our children.  My confidence shaken when all the other couples in our marriage encounter said that the world was too much of a mess to bring many children into.  Pat did not hesitate one minute..  "The world needs lights."  Yes!!!
Eucharistic minister giving David the cup at his first Communion last month.  Sharing our Catholic Faith made me so grateful to my father for leading us/listening to the Holy Spirit as it showed us to come into the Catholic Church... all 13 of us 45 years ago!  Pat had told his sisters that he wouldn't marry anyone who wasn't Catholic.  He had followed with interest Marge's friend, Barb, who had joined the Catholic Church when she was 20 about 6 years before I came down to her wedding and met her brother Pat!  When we had our first date and shared what we valued... our Catholic Faith, being open to a large family and raising LIGHTS, and the farm, so what was holding us back?  Absolutely nothing!
Yes, we have aged and not the most gracefully, but my heart still swells with love as I look at him.  There have been the hardships that have challenged us, and have brought us closer to God and each other.  We are just a week away from the 8th anniversary of  the Father's day 2009 which shook us to our roots when we heard that our 20 year old son had brain cancer.  At the same time Hallel had left to join her religious order in France, and having her apart from our day to day lives is a sacrifice, too/
Hallel home for her home visit about a month ago, and it brought all of us together!  Most precious times when they only happen every 3-4 years!  It was a wonderful week that I share about over and over without end.   Hallel loved her time sharing the farm life with her dad... we were busy planting the days she was here! 

A trip out to see his mother... bless-bless, Barb

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