Wednesday, June 21, 2017

"When you pray..." "fragrant walks in his sweet garden of prayer" Father Grou (1803)

  A morning over at our farm getting ready for the big Farm Bureau Breakfast on the farm tomorrow from 6a-9a.  Joy was such a good baby while we worked away, and the kids pitched in here and there too. 
Joy is at the age where she loves to catch your eyes and smile big... making it hard to look away and get busy with the less fun jobs.  Ruth showed me the two stuffed snakes that the kids like to put in each hand so that she can "play" with them.  Even though they are snakes... she can make them cute.
This was in my kitchen with my nice dishes and glasses in it for the almost 30 years we lived here. Ruth put it up in her garage for bug sprays and stuff like that.  It was fun to clean it up as well as the windows in the garage getting ready for the big day. 
Ruth and I could get to the outside of the huge picture window and it reflected back at us... we just moved 50 pairs of cows and calves that will be in the pasture along the driveway tomorrow morning!  I always loved to look out and see them in the lush grass right there! 

My rosary is calling me and the joy of "we might be quite amazed and overwhelmed when he takes us by the hand, and converses with us, and makes with us a hundred turns in the fragrant walks in the garden of prayer..."  Fr Grou in the Meditation for the day entitled "When you pray..."  from the Gospel today from Matthew 6. 
Washing the front door window looking out on the pasture now full of cows and calves!

Lord, I  truly do experience this wonderful time with you in prayer and I long for our time today.  It will be shortened and a bit distracted, but will be good none the less.  I love our times in my chapel on wheels as I travel to spend time with family hours or days away.  I love love love so much my best hour of the week spent in Adoration of  You in the monstrance!  I am longing for my time with my rosary beads in the afternoon each day... yes, I sometimes fall asleep.  I never remember my dreams, but maybe I am walking through a sweet garden of prayer with you my Jesus led there by your wonderful, Mother Mary the Mother of Heaven and earth!  Jesus, I trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
The shop has been cleaned within an inch of it's life!  I am praying, doing the chickens and then going over to get more things ready!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
Across the road and around the farm!
Putting up the fence...
Ruth's new porch waiting for it's roof and railings... Groundhog with eyes that light up from solar and surrounded by fresh vegetables and herbs.
The cute pig truck arrives with all of the tractors - green and red.
Somebody is happy!  We will be smiling tomorrow after all the work is done!  Looks like a beautiful day!

My beads are beckoning me!

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I find the rosary to be where I take "fragrant walks in his sweet garden of prayer" and find the Cross of the tree of LIFE in the middle of it and find through it LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT!
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