Tuesday, June 27, 2017

"You let your emotions rule" "Do to others whatever you would have them do to you." Matthew 7

I was so happy last night!  I had a bag with matching outfits for Ruth's 3 girls in my closet for weeks now... awaiting a chance to have my first photo shoot with baby Joy!  Well, I finally had them at my house for supper while Ruth was doing an intro session for her natural/Creighton Model.

 I had little Joy and she is so sweet and good and I got found a long sleeve top with lots of pink and ruffles in my drawer and put it on her under another frilly top with the matching coral color of the theme.  Then the hat!  Looking at her now... I can see why the girls including her mom thought I had done beautiful little Joy a great disservice to say the least!  Talking to Maria a bit ago... she pointed out to me that I was carried away with the emotions of it, and didn't really take time to look at the result.  I am sure with all my photos... I have hurt many with my emotions on my sleeve!
Another crazy attempt... Joy was not very happy with being on her tummy and with the crazy hat I found digging in my baby headband drawer. 

The Gospel came strongly back to me this morning thinking about how I really do not like to see myself in pictures these days and when others put a picture of me... I tend to cringe at the shocking sight.  Look what I did to baby Joy and I was so excited and happy... carried away with the emotions of it!  Baby Joy got her first taste of her crazy grandma, and my obsession with pictures...  Just ask Mary, who did not want to take the ones I wanted by Mary when I saw that the color of the geraniums matched their outfits...
Joy can be very smiley and happy, and she seems a bit shocked at this crazy grandma in her face.  Her older sisters are putting up with me barely.  My excitement and happiness of last night is now hitting me in the face like a cold glass of water...  I would not be nearly as sweet and agreeable as these 3 if asked to go through this for someone like me.  Why would I do to them what I would hate to have happen to me? 
The hat came off and she looked hugely relieved, but still the crazy outfit, grandma!

After Hallel being here and my kids were very kind in allowing me to take picture after picture of us together, knowing that she only gets home every 3-4 years.  I do cherish them, but I also know that I am a bug about them, and it would be hugely good for me to let go!  Lord, thank you for a dose of reality and eyes opened to my faults and weaknesses.  May I consider the feelings of others and honor them with respect and not purely emotions.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barb
"Grandma, I forgive you.  Just please don't dress me up like a frilly clown again, OK?  Now we have this as a picture to remember always!" 
This will pass the test... we had a fun night with supper, picking mulberries for sundaes, and a bath in the Jacuzzi.  Joy was such a good baby girl for grandma and Godfather, Uncle John.
Purple feet from picking mulberries... and mosquito bites while picking.
Mulberry ice cream Sundae!
Washing purple hands and feet in the bubbles - they bring their swimsuits and pajamas to grandma's house... a great new tradition has begun!  So happy with my wonderful new bathrooms now that all the work and mess is done! 
Beautiful baby Joy loves her home and her family! 
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A familiar image from our church here in Marshall.  I was reading today that the loose sandal is because when the angels showed him how he would die... he became so scared that he ran so hard and fast and jumped into his mother's arms, and there next to her Immaculate heart,  "His own heart was strengthened" to look upon them.  May we find that hope and strength as we are close to the Immaculate Heart of our Mother of heaven and earth!

Joe in training in Virginia... now a lawyer/JAG in Fort Lewis, WA!
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Love it!!! She is my best girlfriend!

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