Friday, July 7, 2017

"Break open our hearts with love." John at prayer and pictures for next week in Chicago

John is Godfather to 4 now, and he prays for them daily.  This was about 6 years ago with his Godson, David Lanoue...  We just finished the morning prayer in the office after he had prayed on the phone with someone, who had a difficult situation to face this afternoon.  "Can I pray with you here and now?"  Yes. 
The girls with baby John at his Baptism in Easter 1989

I will be adding random pictures that John might find good to add to his splashy promotional video he will be making in Chicago next week.
Maria's first communion - I even sewed for John... 
John received this during his battle of Saint John Paul II laying hands on a girl, who was healed of a brain tumor!
The two boys I lost after John - I carried them each for 5 months and they are buried at the cemetery.
 Nancy's wedding - Hallel was unable to make it
 The 5 in 1993
The 5

There will be lots of pictures today, but there was something John prayed for during the petitions that struck me as quite powerful and unusual.  "Break her heart, Lord, that she may come to love you more deeply."  He was praying for his dear sister, Little Sister Hallel, who is his bride!  When I heard "break her heart" it seemed like from human terms as if it were a break up, but in His terms and spiritual terms it means dying to self so that he may live in us more and more!
John and I listened to this video of the Christian version of Hallelujah from Shrek of the death and resurrection of Jesus - the Easter/Paschal Mystery message.  We were weeping at what he did to save us and forgive us and help us as we are sinners and he came for us as he reminds us in the Gospel today... "I did not come to call the righteous but sinners."  Matthew 9:13
 France for Hallel's taking of he habit and changing her name in August of 2009

U of M

Yes, I am still with you if you are following me today... I am just taking some time to make some pictures available for John if he needs to grab some more for his video... and I am having a wonderful time with my passion - pictures!

John loved his grandma Ann and prayed with her often and brought her the Eucharist on Sundays with Pat and I... the best time to spend with her each week!

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