Friday, July 14, 2017

"Deep waters cannot quench love, nor floods sweep it away." Song of Songs 8:7

Just back from picking up John from the airport after days away in Chicago following his heart and passion, and always asking the Lord to guide him in ways of sharing his story far and wide!  He worked with some award winning professionals in Chicago called Spirit Juice, who work with Catholics wanting to spread the Good News!  EWTN, Danielle Rose, and Cardinal Dolan were mentioned as having used them for those amazing promo videos that can stir the heart and call to the soul as they present a small slice of heaven in a few minutes that call us to conversion.  John is praying that his long hours over the 2... 14 and 12 hour days will help him get out there and touch many with The Truth - Jesus' words today - "Behold I am sending you like sheep in the midst of wolves; so be shrewd as serpents and simple as doves."  I see in John this courage and burning desire to face all that comes his way in order to share the Faith he has been given in his healing and answer to prayer!  Yes, his sharing simple but always from his converted heart - "I want to give back the LOVE, I have been given!"
I was very blessed to have the 3 hour car trip from the airport to share in the wonder of the experience of  a lifetime.  " I realized that the big city is not for me.  I kept telling them that I should be walking through corn fields and not streets in Chicago, so we did drive to a huge life-sized Stations of The Cross in Indiana and stopped by some fields to get footage of me in a field of corn."  They listened to John's story and  spent 2 days getting hours of film to get down to a few minutes to share his story!  We are very much anticipating when we will get the finished result in some weeks ahead, and then how to get it out there.

As he describes the footage and the still photos that were taken over these days... I am filled with curiosity and would love to see it all.  Patience is called upon at this point, and pray that the Holy Spirit continues to be in charge of it all.  We have Steve Angrisano to thank for telling John about this opportunity when he was here for a mission a number of months ago.  John humbly asked him to give him some ideas about how he could get his message out and speak more!  Hear our prayer, O Lord!
A fake picture taken in Michigan a couple years back... I added Hallel. 

This day is the feast of St Kateri, and I had the gift of doing morning prayer with my parents this morning as well as with John on the way down the highway towards home.  This verse from Song of Songs from morning prayer - "Deep waters cannot quench love, nor floods sweep it away.  Were one to offer all he owns to purchase love, he would be roundly mocked."  SOS 8:7  For St Kateri, who suffered much for her burning love for Jesus, and John as well speaks of how he cannot just keep the LOVE he has been given for himself - "I must give it away to others in need and pray with them!"  We cannot take the love we are given and keep it!  It must be shared and given away... it is a gift that we are called to share most especially to those the closest to us, and all those we come in contact with!
Deacon Robert and wife of 68 years, Nancy, sharing morning prayer out of their well worn book of office of readings.  I had mine on my phone and had the gift of praying together for our glorious family - now 121 strong! 
Deep in prayer... how we all depend upon their prayers for us.  Tears leapt to my eyes when we prayed for those that have said "yes" to the call to religious life - out of the 121 - only Hallel!  It is such a wonderful option - I continue to pray that there will be more to hear it and say "yes!"

Jesus, LOVE is a burning fire!  Nothing can quench it, and we are so blessed this day to have St Kateri to model for us how to suffer all for YOU, Jesus!  Our Lady was where John wanted  and needed to be filmed in the gorgeous Catholic Church which represented his finding Faith.  "It was Mary, who was with me at Lourdes so many ways on this journey.  I needed to have her in the film!"  Be with this big undertaking, O Lord!  May it serve you without counting the cost.  Bless-bless, Barb
I feel like I have been blessed with a most peaceful and prayerful retreat!  I am so thrilled to have these wonderful days with my parents.  Thanks, Pat and John for making a way, and mom and dad for the wonderful fellowship divine!
The trinity and Mary... How did God enter into Mary and how does she bring us to him?   "He created her without sin, so that her womb could contain God!"  Yes!!!!!!
Back on the farm again.  John loves our life in smaller town USA!

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