Monday, July 17, 2017

"He is the praise of all his Saints"...Happy 88th birthday mom! Our Lady saw herself as God saw her/Feast of Our Lady of Humility

My day has evaporated with the 95 degree heat!  Men out working in the heat and having issues requiring me to drive for parts about an hour away and back... I have been praying in my chapel on wheels - today that is Paul's red pickup as the parts were large.  Happy Birthday to my dearest mother, who just spent 3 wonderful days with me in her peaceful beautiful home filled with deep sharing and prayer.  For a person who doesn't like superficial... it was the best, and I do share that with my deep and amazing mother!
My father is 92 and mom is 88 today.  Their lives are still together and they are for the most part getting along together with a little help here and there.  Their life in  a lot of ways is filled with prayer and study and has taken on the appearance of contemplative living.  How I love to share in that! 

Today there was a wonderful spiritual gift for my mother in The Magnificat written by Fr Sullivan a "hidden away on the 17th" feast of Our Lady of Humility!  "Humility is to see ourselves as God sees us."  St Thomas Aquinas... Mary saw herself as God saw her!  "Humility is to know that every good thing we have comes from God as pure gift.  And this is especially true of Our Lady in our lives.  She has been given to us as a pure gift from God, for in her we can see ourselves as God sees us."  Fr Sullivan and St Thomas Aquinas!
I am off in a flurry of activity getting ready for our Brazilian foreign exchange student from 16 years ago to arrive... I sent this to him with a picture of Minnesota rice and beans along with the Black Madonna he gifted to us 16 years ago! 
The men are praying for rain, and some is coming maybe tomorrow, so the hay must be baled that is down now.  Lots of heat and pressure make for breakdowns along the way.  Lord, we trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barb
My prayer... "Keep the farmers safe and sane."
Putting our feet in the cooling waters of the big Lake would be so wonderful today, but we need to give that up and find our peace and JOY in other places now. 

I just got a call from Hallel today letting us know that she is headed to Saint Pierre to care for 99 year old Little Sister Reginald.  "I will have to pray for patience as she asks what time it is every 2 minutes and needs to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes."  It sounds a lot like Pat's mother, who died in December and was on hospice for 20 months at home. It was hard too, but it sure feels good now that we honored her and allowed her to stay in her home.  It was good to hear from our daughter, and she says that she has been healthy and happy with her life as a contemplative nun in Rome and tomorrow to move to France.  I shared with her that both times I did morning prayer with first Pat and then John - "It was the Hallel Psalm 148 filled with all the earth praising God with the highest Praise!"  "He is the praise of all the saints."  We are all called to be saints and may we strive for that in the midst of all that each day holds!

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Happy Birthday dearest mom!  Jesus wins!

Bishop Sample for dad, too!

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