Thursday, July 6, 2017

John preping for a promo video in Chicago next week... the paralytic and St Maria Goretti

Collecting pictures to take along to Chicago next Tuesday...

Yes, John is going to Chicago next week to make a promotional video which will, hopefully, help spread the word of his prayer ministry and speaking/motivational speaker.  Since his cancer battle 8 years ago, and his finding Faith through his facing death, and now the new John longs to share his story.... Finding faith through brain cancer.
A wonderful gift from The Community of the Lamb early in John's battle... today the Gospel rings like a bell in the paralytic from Matthew.  Being lowered into the presence of Jesus to be first of all forgiven of his sins and then healed... "Rise, pick up your stretcher, and go home."  John felt the prayers surrounding him and felt peace and acceptance putting the control in the hands of his Savior and ministered to by The Church with so much support and healing through The Sacraments of anointing (4 times), Eucharist daily in the hospital, Reconciliation.  Also the healing waters of Lourdes twice, and hundreds of prayer warriors including a week of prayer for all 168 hours day and night!

Anointed in Rochester just before his brain biopsy leaving him with ataxia and a diagnosis of lymphoma of the brain. 

So powerful to share with Hallel her taking her habit and changing her name just after John's second chemo and deciding that we could go in just 24 hours!  Truly on the wings of the Holy Spirit! 

Another amazing support of the journeys of these two has been the Saints and in our home St Maria Goretti was one of the favorites that they asked for us to read during family prayers.  It was like having a special friend with us a short time ago when John and I shared midday prayer on this her feast day! 
Then falling head over heels in love with Our Lady at Lourdes and bathing in her healing waters twice.  "I asked them to pour it over my head, because that is where I need the healing."
That sappy lovestruck grin says it all!  How he longs and burns to share with others so that they can know and believe in Jesus and His amazing Bride, The Church!  "I have been given so much LOVE through all those prayers, and now I long to pass it on to others!  That is what we are called to do with the LOVE and that is how it grows and grows by passing it on."
Lifted up on prayer and found tremendous peace as he fought the battle of his life and is now the new John!

Humbled and barely able to walk on his own... we made it to France for Hallel's taking of her habit!

Lord, John is motivated above all else to share his healing and how you have healed him through The Church/sacraments, The Saints, Our Lady of heaven and earth, Soon- to be Blessed Solanus Casey, hundreds of prayer warriors all over the world, and bringing him to the brink of death... May the door open for him to give and give without counting the cost and touching many with your Truth and LOVE!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barb

Seminary for a year... "Why am I still here?  Does he want me to be a priest?"  That seems to be a "no." at this point.  Each day we continue to ask the Lord to reveal his plan for John.

John's family coming together around him was so important to him... being the youngest with the 4 older sisters, who kind of spoiled him.  It meant so much for them to all be there for him, and Susan even came back from France, where she was a postulant in The Community of the Lamb!  That peaceful smile is as he rests in the heart of his family!
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So true and beautiful for us!
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She was only 11 years old!
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My special Saint - pope for the first 27 years of our marriage and my champion for life!  How we both love Our Mother of heaven and earth and The Rosary is our prayer!

Today he wrote this about St Maria Goretti - "Maria's life encourages us to experience the joy of the poor, who know how to renounce everything, provided they do not lose the one thing necessary: the friendship of God."  She lost her life, and found everlasting LIFE!
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