Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Joy carrying on the traditions of Family... the unexpected we encounter on the journey

Not only did Joy come to family dinner with red, white and blue including a Michigan cherry on her shirt, but she kept turning her head towards her grandpa and seemed to be waiting for her first taste of ice cream from his huge hands.  Always when the babies are still a ways away from eating food... dad when our kids were little and now grandpa to the 15... he manages to get that first amazing and surprising mouthful in them.  Some of the mother's let out a weak protest, but Ruth took it as a cute rite of passage for now 3 month old sweet baby Joy Jean Jellybean!
Eyes big with wonder at this cold soft sweetness in her mouth, and her brother, Luke, who was the baby 3 years ago is wedging in for his spoonful from his grandpa.  What amazes me is that huge hand that does so much work on the farm now gently carefully introducing baby Joy to the world of sweet wonderful food!  Her growing and developing is a life-long adventure and it will have many hills and valleys - ups and downs along the way. 
Luke wants a turn, too, and Joy definitely is interested in what her big wonderful loving grandpa is up to.  "He holds me and cares for me and than he surprises me with unexpected sweet wonderfulness!" 
There are many unexpected times in our days.  It is hard for us to make firm plans due to how our lives are so unpredictable.  So daughter, Maria, and I have coined a phrase "fake plans."  We are talking about fake plans to go to see Maria and family in Tacoma, WA, but we have no idea when and who will go with us and how long we will stay and so at this point it is just a lot of talk in circles.  But as frustrating as it is sometimes, I realize that there are many angles and considerations to be made in such big crazy plans.
Normally this would be our week in Michigan, but no longer as we have sold our cabin a few months ago.  Now to have some new family traditions, and it seems that Ruth's new porch is a way to begin that on the farm.
Taking shape before our eyes.  It will be a hub of family times on the busy farm. 

Lots in the readings for today about how we are to listen to Jesus and His Bride, The Church, in order to go forward and not get distracted or lost as we struggle down the narrow path as Jesus asks of us to take up our Cross and follow after him.  Abraham and Sarah finally have their son at an old age, and Jesus casts out demons into the swine... talk about unexpected and surprising!  Life is full of those crazy times and we are asked to stumble on.  When we are weak is when we turn to Jesus and that is what I want with all that I have!
The fireworks for our great country, which in many ways is a big mess now.  We pray without ceasing for our government and all the liberal ideology that has been embraced as Truth when in fact it is horrible wide path to death!
A discussion with my brother here visiting... we spoke about the confusion and horrible example of Catholics in name in high places that embrace such horror as abortion.  How can they say they are Catholic and condone this?  They aren't Catholic and gives The Church a false face.  Lord, help us!

Jesus, I am yours and know that with your Spirit within that I may share your Truth far and wide knowing that The Church is there to help me get to heaven and that I am at peace accepting and following all that is asked of us.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barb
Joy with the blanket and Cross-stitch family square that Maria and Therese made for Joy!
Smiling at her wonderful mother... so in love!
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