Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Lourdes water on the way to the airport... family time supreme... 16 hours without power due to storms

A great visit with family... Aunt Chacha and cousin/bro, Philip... then we jumped in to get John on the plane to Chicago.  OOPPS!  We forgot the Lourdes water, so prayed together as we drove down the highway to terminal 1, and John poured water on his hands and his head with asking Our Lady of Lourdes to go with him and Jesus to give him the voice and the words to say as he did the mute man in the Gospel.  Today's Gospel Jesus sends his apostles forth to..." As you go, make this proclamation: 'The Kingdom of heaven is at hand.'"  Matthew 10:7
:Lots of laughter this morning as we gathered before dad headed out to the VA hospital with a driver.  We talked about vocations spurred on by a sharing from The Magnificat... Fr Jacques Philippe writes about The call of the Twelve... "We can only fully realize our humanity by responding to God's call - subtle and mysterious, to be sure, yet also real and constant during our lives."  

Dad talked about washing dishes at college at the cafeteria, and writing his mom about a "lovely" girl he had met and asked to a dance, "and she gave me a kiss on the dance floor."  "Mom must not have been able to read my writing, because she wrote me back that I should leave that 'lonely' girl alone." 
Dad off to the VA with a rider after the storm overnight that left us without power for 16 hours today.  A special day reading a wonderful story my mom wrote about an amazing story during WWII in Germany of a young Catholic girl with a Jewish mother that was taken from the Concentration camp and was instrumental in bringing a SS officer to becoming a priest, and a young mother after losing her 3 children in the Camp - to finding her Faith and becoming the mother to 55 Jewish orphans after the war came to the end... Clairmonde ... the name of the young girl, and my mother's wonderful book that filled my afternoon with a glorious powerful walk through Catholic beauty!  Go and read it... you will not be disappointed...
Watching the power getting fixed about 5 tonight...
Very tired dad back from a day at the VA yesterday.  John called this morning from Chicago to say that he got there safe and he is excited to see what the day would hold.  We are praying a lot for him today as we got a quiet day of reading and visiting in. 

Ruth's new porch is done!  Her new table arrived and the view is glorious!  Had to share this picture Ruth sent us on our travels yesterday.  Pat called to report that he had his first meal on that table last night with Ruth and the kids.  One of many, I have no doubt!
My wonderful sister-in-law/friend longer to me than to my brother/her husband... recovering from open heart surgery/bi-pass.  John and Angela share that they have survived cancer and now deal with the after effects in their lives.

Jesus, so many blessing all around me, and The Church is filling each day with more than I need for what comes with that day.  "The Kingdom of heaven is at hand."  How true this is as we have a small slice of heaven so often in our lives.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barb
My mother always has beautiful flowers - their cute and comfy home is a special place for me to escape to. 

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