Monday, July 10, 2017

"May I share OUR STORY, Jesus." John with "the Lord standing beside him"

John with his platform walker in Saint Pierre just 2 months after he started his battle against brain cancer.  Yes, he was 20 years old and unable to walk on his own due to the biopsy through the back of his brain that caused him to still stagger due to ataxia!  A truly humble badge of what he went through to find his Faith... and aren't we called to be humble?

Family support was only second to his Faith/prayer warriors!  Many thoughts and prayers this day for John as he prepares to fly to Chicago and give his testimony in a splashy catchy promotional video!  Our prayer is that it will reach many and allow him to share "Our Story, Lord."  Yes!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barb


I have had a glorious morning with a surprise uplifting message from a friend encouraging me to share my LOVE, LOVE, LOVE for Jesus and His Bride, The Church.  Admit it... I long to do this with every breath of my lungs and beat of my heart and for sure with each new day here.  I am so grateful to have my retirement years ahead with the hope that I can carry on with this small humble sharing!  Then to have time to pray with my husband first thing and then John doing the office together.  He leads it beginning with his amazing voice singing "God come to my assistance... Lord, make haste to help me..."  Our prayer and sharing today focusing on his trip which begins tomorrow with me given permission to drive him to the airport, stay with my wonderful parents for the 3 days he is gone, and then pick him up and bring the two of us back to our home.  I am super excited to sit at the feet of my wonderful parents and hopefully spend time with some family up that way, too!
John with his Goddaughter, Joy.  His youngest of his 4 Godchildren, wearing the special booties he got her for her baptism and she wears most days... so special!

I am just back from going to pick up a part in a town about half an hour away... the best!  I managed to find such peace and JOY in my chapel on wheels and got in 5 of my 10 decades of my rosary as the wind beneath my wings as I traveled through the beautiful plentiful fields of green with well manicured and loved building sites interspersed between, and herds of cows and calves in belly deep grass.  My prayers for my 5 children, their families, and those special intentions that are attached to each one... on John's decade are many that are fighting their own battle against cancer... one special friend just went on hospice and discovered that having their expert help actually helps get to a better more comfortable and even better place.  It is certainly hard to come to the place of saying that you are dying and need the hospice care, but it is so good in quality of LIFE in those final months or weeks.  The sooner they can get involved the better for the person and their family.  I know!
He put her to sleep in his big protective and loving arms.  Your Godfather wants to help you on your journey sweet little Joy!

Today in the Gospel and the first reading Jesus/The Lord is standing beside both Jacob in his dream on the stairway to heaven and the dead little girl brought back to life, and the woman with the bleeding for 12 years healed when she merely believed that touching him would heal her, and it was true!  How we have experienced that ourselves in all of our lives, and now John wants to share that and help the world come to know this Jesus!  They informed him that they have a dark deserted church to film his lack of faith and a glorious vibrant beautiful one to film his finding his Catholic Faith.  Most movies you see use those beautiful Catholic churches in this way - to share the amazing beauty of candles, statues, altars, stain glass and beautiful architecture to bring our hearts and minds to the soaring heights of touching a small slice of heaven here on earth!  Yes, Lord!  I am so excited that John could reach more with this project!  Go forth with him as you share your story - Jesus and John go forth to change the world one person at a time!  Hear our prayer!

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