Saturday, July 1, 2017

Michigan on my heart

Walked into Ruth's house to find our youngest granddaughter, Joy, smiling at grandma from a boppy seat on the table.  Outside the rafters are stating to be put into place on their new porch.  Joy, you will have many special meals out there in your lifetime.  Your mom and dad have many wonderful ideas to promote family life on the farm including a kitchen designed with canning in mind for the 6 families we make food for fresh from the garden or the apple trees.  When work happens most days on the farm - having a place for meals and time together is very important, and the new porch will be used daily for that!
It is nice to see this vision for family times happening as I am sad at the thought that I would be in Michigan now with any or all of my kids and their kids and the men coming and going as they are able.  Nancy and Bill have made it there while they lived in the Cities, but now that they live so much further away in KC... it was next to impossible for them, so they are with Bill's family in Pennsylvania now.   Granddaughter, Mary, agreed with me that Michigan is a sad loss for us.  There is plenty to do with each new day on the farm, but it was nice and important to get away and relax and enjoy family time supreme!
"The bouncy seat" tractor has been sitting by the silo at our place and so I took some artsy pictures of it... young Simon loved to sit in the seat and bounce up and down and go..."Brummm- brumm."
A classic canning picture from about 25 years ago in my big open canning kitchen, which is now mostly Ruth's bedroom/bathroom.  Our foreign exchange student from 2001 is coming through the end of the month for a visit... I told him that he is going to flip his wig over how different it all will be.  His bedroom upstairs has not changed that much though...

I do realize that up until 1998 when Ruth graduated HS that most of our summers were spent home on the farm and centered around the county and state fairs.  The last 20 years of going to Michigan thanks to my parents vision for very special family time as they built our vacation home upstairs and their retirement home down.  It was very wonderful and sadly I miss it very deeply, but not having it was true for me and my kids growing up on the farm just as it will now be for Ruth and family.  The times they are a changing!

Luke and Dominic with their grandpa, Pat, in Michigan 2 years ago today.
Now Bill is spending time with his family in Pennsylvania, and that is important, too!
Checking out the grotto my parents helped pay for across from the Catholic Church in Mannistique.  I will miss not going there to pray, most especially for my sister, Mary,  on the anniversary of her death in two days.
I miss the beauty and the peace that filled me at the inland sea, Lake Michigan! 

It was wonderful to share the morning prayer with Pat and John... the petitions filled with so much for family , those that are ill and suffering that are heavy on our hearts, and family needs in our huge families on both sides - over 200 strong!  It keeps us in a constant state of prayer!  The tears leapt to my eyes as I recalled my sister, Mary, who is so present to me at this powerful time of the anniversary of her death and the loss of my pregnancy and ending up in the hospital in St Croix Falls while there for her wake after hemorrhaging a lot!  So many emotions!!

Two dads with their baby boys, who are now 3, and they both have a new daughter in the last year!

Jesus, your healing touch reached out and healed Peter's mother this day in the Gospel and you praised the faith of the centurian and healed his servant.  May we always come to you no matter how unworthy we are for you to enter under our roof... knowing that you love us no matter what!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
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Yes, Lord, I stagger and drag my Most Cherished Cross down the narrow path and I try to go forward and not back... maybe two steps forward for each step back... the dance of LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT!  St Junipero, you stated missions and walked forward with a bad leg... I can too with your help and intercession!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke

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